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Market Studies

Electrical and electronic goods study

The study looks at price differences between countries, differences in consumer choice in national markets and prices and availability in Internet sales. Data collection and analysis are presented and summarised in the following documents:

Main findings:

  • Consumers in some countries could save up to 35% of the price when buying abroad.
  • When shopping in their country, they can still save 5% on average by shopping online.
  • Online sales offer products that are not available in stores;
  • Greater price convergence across the EU for products where the Internet has a larger share as a sales channel;
  • Higher concentration of retailers links to lower prices except Denmark and Slovakia;
  • Consumers pay up to 35% more for a fridge and up to 18% more for a washing machine of a higher energy efficiency class. The share of sales of A+ products does not relate to higher average income levels.

Within the analysis comparing electrical appliances' prices, separate reports focus on 10 product categories: