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9th Consumer Scoreboard - July 2013

«Consumers at home in the single market»

The 9th Consumer Conditions Scoreboard CS BG DA DE EL ES ET FR HU IT MT NL PL SK SL SV LT LV PT RO FI clearly indicates that more action is needed to a true single market for consumers.


  • Cross-border e-commerce is slowly catching up. However, only 35% of Europeans are confident buying online from sellers in other EU countries.
  • Consumer conditions still vary greatly across the EU. The percentage of consumers who feel adequately protected by existing measures ranges from 18% to 76%.
  • There are important socio-demographic differences too.
  • Illegal commercial practices persist, calling for a stepped-up enforcement.
  • Knowledge of consumer rights remains worryingly low. Seven out of ten consumers do not know what do to when they receive products that they did not order.
  • On the positive side, over 80% of consumers who experienced problems took action to solve them.
  • Green purchases are on the rise. Four out of ten consumers say that the environmental impact of a good or service influenced their purchasing decisions.

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