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  International Product Safety Week 2006slide

From 27 November to 1 December 2006, Brussels was the centre of the International Product Safety Week, gathering regulators and stakeholders from around the world working on the improvement of non-food product safety.

On 27 November, the Product Safety Forum of Europe (PROSAFE) met to discuss best practices in market surveillance across the EU.

On 28 November, there was a meeting of the International Consumer Product Safety Caucus (ICPSC), which is an initiative of regulatory authorities around the world to improve their international cooperation.

Finally, on 29 and 30 November, the third symposium of the International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organisation (ICPHSO) took place. The theme of this year's meeting was 'international cooperation in the global marketplace; meeting the challenges of consumer product safety'.
Representatives of regulatory authorities from around the world presented their latest developments and participants were able to discuss the pressing issues regarding product safety that face us today in the global marketplace.
Further information

The European Commission organised a half-day workshop on 1 December focusing on the obligation for producers and distributors of consumer products to notify Member State authorities if a product they have placed on the market poses a risk to consumers.

During the workshop, the European Commission presented a new IT system ‘Business Application’ which will enable economic operators to submit notifications via the internet.

Summary of the workshop containing all presentations, documents and pictures



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