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  'Marker Demo ski bindings can cause serious injuriesslide

On 5 February, the European Commission issued a warning to all EU national consumer authorities regarding a serious risk of injury posed by a set of dangerous ski bindings found on the UK market, as pointed out by UK authorities.

The notification concerns Marker Demo ski bindings, model M1 11.0 D, item number 6778F1SE.

The bindings are affixed to Apache Outlaws, Recons, Crossfires, Stryker and Moto Cross K2 skis.

The notified bindings present a serious risk of injury to consumers because in certain circumstances the lever can release when kicked or knocked by the user, allowing the boot fittings to move on their track. This may result in injury due to an untimely release of the boots from the skis. Four accidents in the US and one in the UK have been reported until now. The product originates from Germany and is sold at least in the UK and Ireland. The Commission has asked Member States to monitor their markets to check whether this product is on sale in other EU countries.

The ski binding is adaptable to a variety of boot sizes for use primarily in rental applications. The adjustable front and back boot fittings are locked into place on a track by way of a lever at the rear of the mounting.



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