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  Operational Guidelines for Member States' authoritiesslide

The Guidelines set out criteria and practical rules regarding the notification procedure for dangerous consumer products.

The Guidelines are addressed to the Member States' national authorities participating in the RAPEX network via central contact points (the National Contact Points). The Guidelines are used as a reference for notifying products that present both a serious risks (RAPEX notifications), and moderate risks.

They define the scope of the notification system by illustrating practical application of the criteria for 'serious risk', by providing guidance on the types of measures to be notified, and by identifying products which are to be notified under equivalent sector-specific alert systems rather than under RAPEX. Detailed information is also presented on the content of notifications, deadlines, the classification of notifications and the follow-up action to be taken.

The Commission monitors the application of these guidelines, which may be updated in future in the light of experience, comments received, and new developments. Feedback from stakeholders is welcome.

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