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  Seminar on the Assessment of Consumer Exposure to Chemicals in Consumer Productsslide

The Directorate-General for Health and Consumer Protection in co-operation with the Directorate-General Joint Research Centre of the European Commission organised a Seminar on the Assessment of Consumer Exposure to Chemicals in Consumer Products.

The one-day seminar for approx. 120 experts took place in Brussels on 29 September 2006.

The main objectives of the seminar were:

  • to highlight the most relevant issues of the assessment of consumer exposure to chemicals in products as a crucial aspect of risk assessment;
  • to review the need for more effective approaches in this area, in particular in relation to product safety legislation and of the forthcoming "REACH" legislation on chemical substances;
  • to introduce the results of a project conducted by the JRC in order to develop a tool to assist exposure assessment, the European Information System EIS-ChemRisks, and discuss its potential as basis for a standard framework for consumer exposure modelling and assessment.

Final program pdf. Updated 09-10-2006

Speakers’ presentations - MORNING SESSION

  • Bo Oscar Jansson: Setting the scene: Assessment of consumer exposure to chemicals in products and articles: issues, challenges and needs pdf
  • Carlos Rodriguez: Detergent/cleaning industry perspective: Risk Assessment of chemicals in detergents and cleaning products, present practices and needs of Industry pdf
  • Edmund Vankann: Textile floor coverings - industry perspective: Risk assessment of chemicals in textile floor coverings, present practices and needs of the industry pdf
  • Lea Frimann Hansen: Member State experience in the exposure assessment of chemicals in consumer products pdf
  • Lesley Onyon: International developments: activities of the International Programme for Chemical Safety (IPCS) for the harmonisation of risk and exposure assessment pdf
  • Michael Babich: Consumer exposure assessment: requirements, practices and developments in the US pdf

Speakers’ presentations - AFTERNOON SESSION



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