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  Workshop for consumer associations on non-food product safety monitoring 8th November 2004, Brusselsslide

The Workshop was organised by the Directorate General for Health and Consumer Protection of the European Commission. It preceded the Annual Assembly of consumer associations, 9th & 10th November.

The Workshop was addressed to consumer associations from the 25 EU Member states. Its overall aim was to launch a reflection on how consumer associations can contribute to improving the effectiveness and consistency of product safety monitoring in the EU-25. The Workshop was a whole day event chaired by the Commission and was organised in collaboration with European consumer associations, PROSAFE and enforcement authorities.

Prior to the Workshop, the participants selected received by e-mail " Guidelines for discussion" - a document prepared by the Commission to help the participants to prepare for the Workshop.

  • For the Report of the Workshop, click HERE.

  • For the Final programme of the Workshop, click HERE.

  • For the Speakers' presentations, see below.

    Agne Pantelouri, Director for Consumer Affairs, DG Health and Consumer Protection, European Commission: Welcome and introductory statement

    Mr. Bernardo Delogu, Head of Unit B3 "Product and service safety", DG Health and Consumer Protection, European Commission

    Ms.Gottlobe Fabisch- Secretary General of ANEC

    Mr. Erik Hansson- Deputy Head of Unit B3, DG Health and Consumer Protection, European Commission

    Ms. Helen Amundsen- Danish Consumer Council

    Mr. Philippe Portalier- Orgalime

    Mr. Helmuth Perz- Federal Ministry of Social Security, Generations and Consumer Protection, Austria

    Mr. Dirk Meijer- Chairman of PROSAFE

    Mr. Enrique Esteller- Unit B3 of DG Health and Consumer Protection, European Commission


    Malcolm Bassett- Which? -UK 1st presentation 2nd presentation

    Ms.Breda Kutin- Slovene Consumer Association (ZPS), Slovenia

    Mr. Rodrigo Gouveia- National Federation of Consumer Cooperatives (FENACOOP), Portugal

    Ms. Silvia Viksnina- Latvian National Association for Consumer Protection (PIAA), Latvia



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