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  Proceedings of the Conference The "Unfair Terms Directive" : 5 years on - 1-3 July 1999slide

The European Commission organised the conference "The Directive on « Unfair Terms », five years later - Evaluation and future perspectives". to give rise to an open discussion on the application of the directive 93/13 on unfair terms in consumer contracts. The conference was an important step in helping the Commission to write the report on the application of the Directive that has to be submitted to the European Parliament and the Council.

The conference minutes consist of the speakers' interventions, the preparatory documents and the conclusions of the workshops as well as, in the attachments, the national reports written by the different contracting parties responsible for the collection and the analysis of the national "case law" for the CLAB database.

The content of these documents is the exclusive responsibility of their authors and binds by no means the European Commission.

The final version will be published soon

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