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  DG SANCO publishes industry questionnaire on timeshareslide

DG SANCO publishes industry questionnaire on timeshare

Following the proceedings of the Timeshare workshop of July 19th 2006, and a series of exchanges with key stakeholders before and after the workshop, DG SANCO has decided to revise the Questionnaire for Business Stakeholders published on 13 July 2006. The objective of this revision is to obtain the most appropriate evidence base for the review process of the timeshare directive, in line with stakeholder views and the aims of the broad public consultation on timeshare.

The revised questionnaire is available for download here EN

The questionnaire is designed to collect the views of industry stakeholders on the administrative costs of current legislation, as well as the impacts of possible forms of future legislation in the field of timeshare.

The aim of DG SANCO in distributing the questionnaire is to elicit a large range of industry views on the topics asked, and use the responses received as evidence in the impact assessment, which will accompany a possible proposal to revise the directive. The level of detail of the questionnaire is driven by an underlying effort to assess the potential costs / benefits with the best possible accuracy, and obtain as much usable data from stakeholders as possible. In this sense, the submission of quantitative data would be particularly welcome.

Further to requests from various stakeholders, the deadline for submissions to the industry questionnaire on timeshare has been extended to 25 September 2006. Please submit all responses electronically to the following email address:



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