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On 16 and 23 June 2003, the Commission held a workshop on the European Contract Law Action Plan (COM(2003) 68 final) The first day of the workshop (16 June) provided a forum for Member States, Acceding Countries and stakeholders to express their views on the Action Plan. This initiative was carried out further to our commitment in the Action Plan to an "open, wide-ranging and detailed debate". The second day of the workshop (23 June) consisted of an information session for researchers wishing to conduct research under the 6th Framework Programme. DG Research provided practical information on the application procedure for funding and aimed to answer any queries on this subject. Further information on the 6th Framework Programme can be found at the two following locations:

If you have further queries concerning the programme please contact the helpdesk at the following address:

During the second day of the workshop researchers were informed of any feedback from the first day which may be relevant to their research.

The organisation of this workshop by the Commission at this early stage was a preliminary step towards the implementation of the Framework Programme. It does not however pre-empt the political conclusions which will be drawn from the consultation process set out in the Action Plan.

Operational results from the workshops on the European Contract Law Action Plan




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