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Conference on European Contract Law hosted by the UK Council Presidency and the European Commission, 26 September 2005 

European Contract Law: Better Lawmaking through the Common Frame of Reference

On 26 September 2005, the European Commission and the United Kingdom Government, as part of its Presidency of the Council of the European Union, jointly hosted a conference on the theme of "European Contract Law: Better Lawmaking through the Common Frame of Reference." The event took place at the Mansion House, the Lord Mayor of London's official residence, in the City of London.

The event was the inaugural meeting of the European Discussion Forum on contract law as envisaged in the 2004 Communication, et a permis de rassembler les experts du CFR-net et le réseau d'experts de Etats and brought together the CFR-net and the network of Member States experts, Ministers, senior officials and Members of the European Parliament taking part.

Working sessions focused on how to better meet the needs of stakeholders in the process as well as current relevant issues of the CFR work and the review of the acquis. Furthermore, the conference provided an opportunity to gather some first reactions to the First Annual Progress Report on European Contract Law and the Acquis Review.



Contributions from panellists