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  Consumer responses to the introduction of the Euroslide

A comparative review of consumers' reactions to the introduction of euro notes and coins as seen by a panel of Consumer Associations and Member States' authorities.

Flash Eurobarometer: The Euro, 3 years later, December 2004 pdf

EOS Gallup report: The Introduction of the Euro in the New Member States, October 2004 pdf

Eurobarometer 59.1 : Views on the Euro, April 2003

Eurobarometer 57.1 : The Europeans and the Euro, May 2002

Eurobaromètre 55.2 : Les Européens et l'euro, Juillet 2001 EN pdf (345KB)

bullet Tableaux comparatifs EN pdf (180KB)

Eurobaromètre 54.0: Les Européens et l'Euro, Mars 2001 EN (343KB)

bullet Annexe 1 EN (527KB)

Eurobarometer 52.0: Europeans and the euro FR (640KB)

Etude qualitative sur les citoyens et l'euro dans les mois suivant son introduction, Mai 2002 EN (620KB)

Etude qualitative sur la préparation des citoyens au passage à l'Euro Juillet 2001 EN (446KB)

EURO Working Group of the Consumers Committee Paper - "The Final Phase of the Transition to the EURO", (20.09.99) DE FR

Commission urges Member States to step up consumer information on the Euro (60KB)



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