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Second modified proposal for a Directive on Consumer Credit
"What's in it for consumers?"

Credit may increase opportunities for buying things when one needs or wants them, from a package travel to a car to clothes - but too much exposure to credit may be a risk.

Fair competition in a genuine Single Market for consumer credit would make consumer credit cheaper, more accessible and enlarge the palette of products on offer.

It has published on 7 October 2005 a second revised proposal DA DE ES ET FI FR HU IT LT MT LV MT NL PL PT SK SL SV pdf for a Directive on consumer credit. This new text is a consolidated version, based on the first modified proposal DA DE EL ES ET FI FR HU IT LT MT LV MT NL PL PT SK SL SV pdf but including a number of significant changes further to consultations led in 2005 with the concerned stakeholders. It will now be debated in the Council.


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