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How can we use Consumer Complaints to improve consumers' lives?

Albert Borschette Centre
36, Rue Froissart
1040 Brussels

Thursday May 27 2010


This is a high-level conference on "Consumer complaints and the implementation of a harmonised methodology to classify and report consumer complaints". The conference is organised by the European Commission, DG Health and Consumers (SANCO).

At this launch conference, the Commission will present the harmonised methodology for classifying and reporting consumer complaints and bring together complaints experts and policymakers to exchange views on how best to facilitate the implementation of the methodology and improve understanding on analysing and using complaints data.

The conference will be web-streamed and presentations and videos will be uploaded to this website after the conference.

The conference presentations and discussions will tackle several key questions, among which:

  1. What are the main market insights from consumer complaints?
  2. How can policy-makers integrate the insights from consumer complaints into their work to improve consumer related policies?
  3. How does the Commission envisage implementing the methodology?
  4. What measures is the Commission taking to facilitate the use of the methodology?
  5. How is the Commission going to analyse and use the data?

This conference is being organised by the European Commission, DG Health and Consumers.
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