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"Do I have to pay VAT for purchases I make from traders based in other EU countries?"

Agnieszka, from Sweden, was visiting friends in Poland. While looking around the shops, she came across exactly the computer she had been looking for. It was much less expensive than it would have been back home, but she was worried she might have to pay import duties when she returned.

"I was so happy to have found the machine I’d been after and, while it was still a lot of money to spend, it would have meant a big saving for me. But I was worried that I’d have to declare it at customs and end up paying VAT again."

When you make a purchase in another EU country, the price is all inclusive — meaning that you do not have to pay Value Added Tax (VAT) again or to add import duties (unlike when you bring in things from outside the EU). This applies both if you go to other countries to shop, or if you order goods via the Internet, post or phone.



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