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Be smart before you tan : what you need to know about sunbeds

Consumers are not being given sufficient information on hazardous effects of UV radiation and they are not receiving sufficient guidance on how to use them safely according to the results of a market surveillance check of sunbeds and sunbed services.

Press Release: 1 in 7 Sunbeds in breach of UV radiation safety limits
Questions & Answers on safety of sunbeds
Report: Joint action report on sunbeds 2008-2009 pdf

Which information should you be given?

Hazardous effects are greater if you:

Have fair or freckly skin  Click on the picture to enlarge
Burn easily  Click on the picture to enlarge
Have atypical or multiple moles
Have had skin cancer in the past  Click on the picture to enlarge
Have a family history of skin cancer
Are using medication that increases sensitivity

Which advice should you receive?

Seek advice about the best tanning regime for your skin type
Use eye protection
Remove cosmetics before exposure
Allow 48 hours between the first two exposures
Protect sensitive skin parts from exposure



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