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"What are my rights in a package holiday dispute?"

Annuka and Carl had booked a week-long package holiday at a five-star hotel on Paphos beach in Cyprus through a tour operator in Finland. However, when they arrived, they discovered that the company had moved them to a three-star hotel several kilometres from Paphos.

“The hotel was not at all what we expected and we had to take a bus to get to the beach each day. The Finnish holiday company said that our original hotel was closed for refurbishment, and that there was no room in hotels of the same standard as it was a busy time of year.

We complained, of course, but they refused to refund us, saying that the events were beyond their control. What are our rights in this case?”

As an EU citizen, you have a wide range of rights enabling you to feel safe and confident while travelling both within the EU and further afield.

EU law protects consumers who purchase a combination of travel services from a company located in the EU. Such package holidays commonly include transport and accommodation and may also cover meals and excursion tours.

EU law says that the travel organiser has the obligation to provide accurate information on the package proposed, including information on transportation, accommodation, meals, itinerary and insurance requirements.

If your holiday does not correspond to what was promised in the brochure, tour operators must offer you compensation.

If the tour operator goes bankrupt while you are on holiday, they must have arrangements in place to get you back home. Furthermore, you have the right to cancel your booking if, for instance, the company changes significantly any essential terms of the package such as the dates of the holiday or the price.

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