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State Aid Scoreboard 2015

What is the Scoreboard? - Main summary - Main tables - Concepts and methodology

What is the Scoreboard?

The 2015 State Aid Scoreboard comprises aid expenditure made by Member States before 31.12.2014 and which falls under the scope of Article 107(1) TFEU. The data is based on the annual reporting by Member States pursuant to Article 6(1) of Commission Regulation (EC) 794/2004. Expenditure refers to all existing aid measures to manufacturing industries, services, agriculture and fisheries, for which the Commission adopted a formal decision or received an information fiche from the Member States in relation to measures qualifying for exemption under the General Block Exemption Regulation. In practice the figures below exclude most of the aid to railways and services of general economic interest. Also crisis aid to the financial sector is dealt with separately.

The 2015 Scoreboard - Main summary

According to the national expenditure reports for 2014, Member States (EU28) spent 101.2 billion EUR i.e. 0.72% of GDP on state aid.

Figure 1 - State Aid expenditure as % of GDP (2014)

Source: Commission Services.

In nominal terms, this represents an increase of about 50% compared to 2013 expenditures (+ 33.4 billion EUR). However, the increase in expenditure is largely (85%) due to inclusion of more renewable energy support schemes (RES) in the reporting. That stems, among others, from the increased awareness by MS of the State aid nature of subsidies to RES following the adoption of the 2014 Energy and Environmental Aid Guidelines. Indeed, 2014 shows an increase of the reported State Aid on environmental protection and energy savings of about +28.5 billion EUR at EU level.

Figure 2 - Total State Aid expenditure, excluding aid to railways as % of GDP at 2014 constant prices

Source: Commission Services.

As already mentioned above, the figures above rely on the national compliance with the reporting obligation. Member States are required to report on expenditures in relation to the identified state aid. According to DG COMP preliminary assessment, Member States’ reports of previous years’ aid expenditures and of aid stemming from structural funds is incomplete. A further upward trend in aid expenditure on renewables in the coming years can also be expected as a consequence of increasing compliance, leading to an overall increase in the volume of aid reported in the State Aid Scoreboard.

Without state aid on environmental and energy savings, Member States declared they spent at European Union level about 58 billion EUR i.e. 0.41% of GDP on state aid.

In nominal terms, this represents an increase of about 9.3% compared to 2013 expenditures (+4.9 billion EUR).

Figure 3 - State Aid expenditure as % of GDP (p.p. change 2013-2014), excluding environmental and energy savings

Source: Commission Services.

This is mostly due to (1) an increase of state aid on regional development of about 2.3 billion EUR in 2014; (2) the reporting by Member States, as from the year 2014 and in line with DG COMP guidance, of the total amount of aid that is co-financed including both national and EU Structural Funds expenditure (+2.0 billion EUR in 2014 whatever the main objective is); (3) an increase in social support to individual consumers expenditure of about +1.8 billion EUR; (4) an increase in R&D&I state aid expenditure of about +1.6 billion EUR (5) a slight increase in reported expenditures on culture (+0.7 billion EUR) and SMEs (+0.2 billion EUR) and a decrease in expenditure on agriculture (-0.6 billion EUR), employment and training objectives (-0.2 billion EUR).

Figure 4 - State Aid expenditure by objectives* in 2013 and 2014 (millions EUR)

Source: Commission Services.

The 2015 Scoreboard – Main tables

Overview tables

Non-crisis aid

Crisis aid

Country fiches
Belgium Bulgaria Czech Republic
Denmark Germany Estonia
Ireland Greece Spain
France Croatia Italy
Cyprus Latvia Lithuania
Luxembourg Hungary Malta
Netherlands Austria Poland
Portugal Romania Slovenia
Slovak Republic Finland Sweden
United Kingdom European Union  

The 2015 Scoreboard – Concepts and methodology

* Excluding agricultural and rural development aid and aid granted to fisheries and aquaculture

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