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State Aid Modernisation (SAM) and its implementation

On 8 May 2012, the Commission set out an ambitious State aid reform programme in the Communication on State aid modernisation.

The modernisation has three main, closely linked objectives:
1. Foster growth in a strengthened, dynamic and competitive internal market
2. Focus enforcement on cases with the biggest impact on the internal market
3. Streamlined rules and faster decisions

State aid control should more effectively target sustainable growth-enhancing policies while encouraging budgetary consolidation, limiting distortions of competition and keeping the single market open.

The Commission has adopted new rules in line with these principles (see infra) and has launched a renewed partnership with the Member States on the implementation of the reform programme.

To that effect, a High Level Forum between the Commission and the Member States has been set up for regular discussions.

The reform

The Commission proposals and follow-ups on State Aid Modernisation include:

In parallel, State aid rules relating to agriculture and forestry are being revised (consultation on the Block Exemption regulation for agriculture and forestry sector and in rural areas; consultation closed on 20 March 2013: Review of Community Guidelines, the Block Exemption Regulation and the de minimis Regulation for agriculture). Both the Guidelines and the Block Exemption Regulation have been prolonged until 30 June 2014.
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