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by Alexander SCHAUB


published in the EC Competition Policy Newsletter, vol 3 No 1 spring 1997

You are holding in your hands (or visualising on your screen) the tenth issue of the EC Competition Policy Newsletter. This would in any event warrant a look back on three years during which DG IV has taken a new approach to information and transparency. And a successful one for that: 30,000 old-fashioned "hard" copies of each Newsletter issue are printed and rapidly exhausted. Moreover, all published issues are permanently available on the World Wide Web ( Comments from all over the world confirm that the Newsletter is regarded as a valuable source of information.

However, this issue also marks two changes to the team that has ensured the success of our publication, neither of which should go unnoticed.

The first change is the departure of the Newsletter's initiator and first editor, Christopher Wingfield Jones. After eleven years working in the EC competition policy field and notably in DG IV, of which three have been as the Assistant to the Director-General for Competition, Christopher has found a new challenge in an area where competition is developing quickly throughout the European Union, namely energy markets. It goes without saying that each issue of the EC Competition Policy Newsletter is always the product of a joint effort within DG IV - however, the Newsletter's success owes much to Christopher's commitment... and indeed energy. I should like to express my gratitude and wish him well in his future career.

The second change concerns DG IV's Information Officer, Panagiotis Alevantis. Since his arrival, Panagiotis has not only been instrumental in implementing a wholly new information policy, but also a driving force behind many a successful initiative in this field. He has anticipated at an early stage developments such as the success of the Internet, which we regard as normal today and which makes the EC Competition Policy Newsletter accessible to large numbers of interested readers whom we could not otherwise reach. This being the last issue he will co-ordinate before his imminent departure, I shall take the opportunity to acknowledge Panagiotis' contribution to steering DG IV onto the information highway.

As from this issue, the new editor of the Competition Policy Newsletter is Stefan Rating who will endeavour to maintain the high standard of the publication and continue the further development of the project. Starting in May 1997, Terence Whaley will be the new Information Officer, notably responsible for DG IV's external information services. Issues relating to our presence on the World Wide Web will be the domain of our webmaster Gérald Messiaen. All three remain open to any suggestion or comment regarding DG IV's information tools, and in particular the EC Competition Policy Newsletter.

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