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Speeches in 2005

01 December    Ökonomische Analyse des Begriffs „significant impediment to effective competition“ de  
  STROHM Andreas , ROELLER Lars-Henrik
    Münchner Kommentar
01 December    Efficiency gains from mergers en  
  VERBOVEN Frank , STENNEK Johan , ROELLER Lars-Henrik
    Chapter 3, Edward Elgar (UK)
29 November    Commissioner's opening speech to the European Parliament Juri Committee en  
  KROES Neelie
  Brussels  European Parliament
21 November    Better Regulation of Professional Services en  
  KROES Neelie
  Brussels  UK Presidency Seminar
21 November    Better Regulation of Professional Services en  
  KROES Neelie
  Brussels  UK Presidency
17 November    Innovation from a Business Perspective: the State Aid Aspects en  
  KROES Neelie
  Brussels  European Commission
10 November    La fonction notariale et la concurrence fr  
  DE WAELE Sandra
    1st Congress of EU Civil Law Notaries
21 October    One Year In: Continuity, Concentration and Consolidation in European Competition Policy en  
  KROES Neelie
  Fiesole, Italy  IBA’s Ninth Annual Competition Conference
17 October    Damages Actions for Breaches of EU Competition Rules: Realities and Potentials en  
  KROES Neelie
  Paris, France  Cour de Cassation
14 October    Competition developments affecting the maritime sector en  
  EVANS Lowri
  London  European Maritime Law Organisation
23 September    Preliminary Thoughts on Policy Review of Article 82 en  
  KROES Neelie
  New York, U.S.A.  Fordham Corporate Law Institute
22 September    Some elements to enhance damages actions for breach of the competition rules in articles 81 and 82 EC en  
  Fordham, New York, USA  32nd Annual International Antitrust Law & Policy Conference
22 September    Enhancing Actions for Damages for Breach of Competition Rules in Europe en  
  KROES Neelie
  New York, USA  Harvard Club
20 September    Antitrust Economics - Catalyst for Convergence? en  
  ROELLER Lars-Henrik
  Washington D.C., USA  George Mason Law Review Symposium
15 September    European Competition Policy – Delivering Better Markets and Better Choices en  
  KROES Neelie
  London  European Consumer and Competition Day
03 September    Competition must drive European competitiveness in a global economy en  
  KROES Neelie
  Cernobbia, Italy  Villa d'Este Forum
01 September    Using economic analysis to strengthen competition policy enforcement en  
  ROELLER Lars-Henrik
    Modelling European Mergers: Theory, Competition Policy and Case Studies
26 August    The reform of EU state aid control en  
  ROELLER Lars-Henrik
  Amsterdam  EEA Annual Conference
01 August    Der ökonomische Ansatz in der europäischen Wettbewerbspolitik de  
  ROELLER Lars-Henrik
    Zukunftsperspektiven der Wettbewerbspolitik, Nomos-Verlag
15 July    Services of General Economic Interest en  
  KROES Neelie
  Brussels, Belgium  Press Conference given in Commission Pressroom
14 July    The State Aid Action Plan – Delivering Less and Better Targeted Aid en  
  KROES Neelie
  London, UK  UK Presidency Seminar on State Aid
12 July    Application of Competition Rules to Internet Licensing en  
  UNGERER Herbert
  Brussels  European Digital Media Association (EDIMA)
24 June    Competition Law and the Liberalisation of the Polish Market en  
  KROES Neelie
  Warsaw, Poland  Dutch-Polish Chamber of Commerce Conference
21 June    Competition Policy – Past, Present and Future en  
  KROES Neelie
  Brussels, Belgium  Meeting with Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, European Parliament
14 June    Reforming Europe’s State Aid Regime: An Action Plan for Change en  
  KROES Neelie
  Brussels, Belgium  Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr/University of Leiden: Joint conference on European State Aid Reform
06 June    The Competition Principle as a Guideline for Legislation and State Action – the Responsibility of Politicians and the Role of Competition Authorities en  
  KROES Neelie
  Bonn, Germany  12th International Conference on Competition
27 May    Sector Inquiry New Media (3G) - Introductory speech en  
  ROCCA Gianfranco
  Brussels  European Commission
27 May    Keynote Speech en  
  LOWE Philip
  Brussels, Belgium  Public presentation of the preliminary findings of the New Media (3G) Sector Inquiry, European Commission
13 May    Competition in a Globalised World en  
  KROES Neelie
  Sofia, Bulgaria  53rd Liberal International Congress
12 May    Competition in the European Union – the Case for Romania en  
  KROES Neelie
  Bucharest, Romania  European Institute of Romania
27 April    Towards a pro-active competition policy in favour of innovation en  
  KROES Neelie
  The Hague, The Netherlands  Conference: Promoting Innovation and Competitiveness - a transatlantic dialogue
14 April    Broadcasting or Broadbanding? en  
  UNGERER Herbert
  Berlin, Germany  International Institute of Communications (IIC)
07 April    The First Hundred Days en  
  KROES Neelie
  Brussels, Belgium  40th Anniversary of the Studienvereinigung Kartellrecht 1965-2005, International Forum on European Competition Law
05 April    Switchover or Catch-up? Applying the modernised EC Competition Regime in the New Media Sectors en  
  UNGERER Herbert
  Brussels, Belgium  The Law Society’s European Group
01 April    Competition Rules and the Media: Are they determinant or complementary? en  
  UNGERER Herbert
  Istanbul, Turkey  Radio and Television Supreme Council and Association of Television Broadcasters
11 March    Closing address to the IBA conference - Anti-trust reform in Europe: a year in practice en  
  LOWE Philip
  Brussels, Belgium  International Bar Association / European Commission Conference
10 March    Taking Competition Seriously – Anti-Trust Reform in Europe en  
  KROES Neelie
  Brussels, Belgium  International Bar Association / European Commission Conference: "Anti-trust reform in Europe: a year in practice"
04 March    Competition policy and the liberal professions - opening remarks en  
  EVANS Lowri
  Warsaw, Poland  Warsaw Daily 'Rzeczpospolita'
23 February    Sport and Competition Law en  
  TOFT Torben
  London, United Kingdom  Broadcasting Competition Law
17 February    Regulating for Competition and Growth en  
  KROES Neelie
  Paris, France  OECD Global Forum on Competition
15 February    Impact of European Competition Policy on Media en  
  UNGERER Herbert
  Madrid, Spain  IESE Business School & School of Communication of the University of Navarra
07 February    Building a Competitive Europe – Competition Policy and the Relaunch of the Lisbon Strategy en  
  KROES Neelie
  Milan, Italy  Bocconi University
03 February    Effective Competition Policy - a Key Tool for Delivering the Lisbon Strategy en  
  KROES Neelie
  Brussels, Belgium  Introductory statement at EMAC Open Meeting of Coordinators
02 February    EU competition policy and generic medicines en  
  DE BRONETT Georg Klaus
  London  First EGA Legal Affairs Forum
19 January    Competition in the media sector - how long can the future be delayed? en  
  UNGERER Herbert
  Oxford, United Kingdom  Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy, Oxford University
01 January    Ökonomische Analyse in der EU Wettbewerbspolitik de  
    "Neueste Entwicklungen im europäischen und internationalen Kartellrecht", 11. St. Gallener Internationales Kartellrechtsforum 2004, Band 6.
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