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Speeches in 2004

09 December    Introductory remarks at press conference on Choline Chloride cartel and EDP/ENI/GDP merger decisions en  
  KROES Neelie
  Brussels, Belgium  Press conference
28 October    A reformed competition policy: achievements and challenges for the future en  
  MONTI Mario
  Brussels, Belgium  Center for European Reform
22 October    The Microsoft Decision - promoting innovation en  
  London, UK  Sweet and Maxwell, 4th Annual Competition Law Review Conference
22 October    Competition for consumers' benefit en  
  MONTI Mario
  Amsterdam, The Netherlands  European Competition Day
15 October    Electronic communications markets : current activities / objectives of DG Competition and review of recent cases en  
  Brussels, Belgium  IBC 9th Annual Conference, Communications and Competition Law
07 October    International Antitrust - A Personal Perspective en  
  MONTI Mario
  New York, USA  Fordham Corporate Law Institute
05 October    European music cultures and the role of copyright organisation - competition aspects en  
  UNGERER Herbert
  The Hague, The Netherlands  European Music Cultures - Sound or Silence
28 September    Speech to the European Parliament en  
  KROES Neelie
  Brussels, Belgium  European Parliament Selection Committees
21 September    Energy liberalisation: moving towards real market opening en  
  MONTI Mario
  Brussels  European Commission, DG Competition
20 September    Application of EU Competition Rules to Broadcasting, Transition from Analogue to Digital en  
  UNGERER Herbert
  Naples, Italy  Universita di Napoli
17 September    Consumers and competition policy; the Commission's perspective and the example of transport en  
  Groningen, The Netherlands  University of Groningen
17 September    Private litigation as a key complement to public enforcement of competition rules and the first conclusions on the implementation of the new Merger Regulation en  
  MONTI Mario
  Fiesole, Italy  IBA - 8th Annual Competition Conference
23 July    Competition law and rights management en  
  UNGERER Herbert
  Brussels, Belgium  Regulatory Forum, European Cable Communication Association (ECCA)
12 July    EU media framework, competition law and Public Service Broadcasting - Some comments on the impact on the current UK debate en  
  UNGERER Herbert
  London  European Media Forum
08 July    Access to content and the development of competition in the New Media market- the Commission's approach en  
  MONTI Mario
  Brussels, Belgium  Workshop on access to quality audiovisual contents and development of New Media
22 June    Application of Competition Law to Media - Some recent issues en  
  UNGERER Herbert
  Brussels, Belgium  Nera Conference
18 June    The Review of the EU Competition Regulation for Maritime Transport en  
  London, England  10th Annual EMLO Conference
05 June    Legal framework to secure open Media Markets and the Independence of the Press, The Role of EU Competition Law en  
  UNGERER Herbert
  Opole, Poland  Conference on Democracy and Human Rights in the EU
02 June    Comments to the Speech by Hew Pate en  
  MONTI Mario
  Brussels  European Commission and the United States Mission
01 June    Private enforcement of Community competition law: modernisation and the road ahead en  
  Various authors
  Brussels  DG Competition - Competition Policy Newsletter
29 April    Proactive Competition Policy and the role of the Consumer en  
  MONTI Mario
  Dublin, Ireland  European competition day
27 April    State Aid Enforcement in Context: competitiveness, economic reforms and enlargement en  
  MONTI Mario
  Brussels, Belgium  The Mentor Group - Forum for EU/US Legal-Economic Affairs
22 April    Liner Shipping: the EU Competition Perspective en  
  EVANS Lowri
  London, UK  Containerisation International 7th Annual Liner Shipping Conference
22 March    Antitrust e regolamentazione nell'industria delle comunicazioni elettroniche principi e prospettive it  
  MONTI Mario
  Castel dell'Ovo Napoli, Italy  Seminario organizzato dall'Autorità per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni
28 February    Convergence in EU-US antitrust policy regarding mergers and acquisitions : an EU perspective en  
  MONTI Mario
  Los Angeles, USA  UCLA Law First Annual Institute on US an EU Antitrust Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions
16 February    Öffentliche Banken in Deutschland de  
  LOWE Philip
  Brussels, Belgium  Conference of the Presidents of the German Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe
26 January    Remarks at the European Regulators Group Hearing on Remedies en  
  MONTI Mario
  Brussels, Belgium  Public hearing on remedies under the new regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services
23 January    The Role of the Commission in the Modernisation of EC Competition Law en  
  LOWE Philip
  London, UK  UKAEL Conference
16 January    The New EU Policy on Technology Transfer Agreements en  
  MONTI Mario
  Paris, France  Ecole des Mines
13 January    Why can't the market decide (Panel 1) en  
  UNGERER Herbert
  Oxford, England  Oxford IPPR Media Convention
13 January    Media Concentration & Convergence: Competition in Communications en  
  LOWE Philip
  Oxford, UK  Oxford Media Convention 2004, Institute of Policy Research
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