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Speeches in 2001

06 December    La concentration dans l'édition professionnelle au regard des règles communautaires de concurrence fr  
  NEHL Hanns Peter
  London, England  Table ronde, Groupement français de l'industrie de l'information (GFIIà
06 December    The application of EC competition rules in the postal sector en  
  Rosario BARATTA, Dr Pierre BUIGUES, Jerôme FEHRENB 
  Toulouse, France  Second Conference on "Competition and Universal Service in the Postal Sector", Toulouse IDEI
26 November    Does EC competition policy help or hinder the European audiovisual industry? en  
  MONTI Mario
  London  British Screen Advisory Council
15 November    La politique européenne de concurrence dans le secteur audiovisuel fr  
  PONS Jean-François
  Bruxelles  Conférence organisée par la présidence belge : L'audiovisuel public face aux phénomènes de concentration et de diversification des services
14 November    Antitrust in the US and Europe : a History of convergence en  
  MONTI Mario
  Washington DC  General Counsel Roundtable - American Bar Association
12 November    Collective Management and EU Competition Law en  
  WOOD David
  Madrid  Vth SGAE conference on intellectual property, competition and collective management
12 November    La gestión colectiva y el Derecho de la competencia comunitario es  
  WOOD David
  Madrid  V conferencia de la SGAE sobre propiedad intelectual, competencia y gestion colectiva
09 November    Airline alliances and mergers - the emerging Commission policy en  
  Zurich  European Air Law Association
02 November    Recent developments in commission policy and practice en  
    EC State Aid Conference
01 November    Network utilities - the EU institutions and the Member States en  
    Regulating network utilities: the European experience - Oxford University Press
01 November    Alternative models for future regulation en  
    Regulating network utilities: the European experience - Oxford University Press
31 October    European policy on local loop unbundling Competition law background and problems of implementation en  
  BUIGUES Pierre-André
  Venice, Italy  Published in "Communications and Strategies" No. 42 - 2nd Quarter 2001 and at EURO CPR Conference 2001, Venice
26 October    Energy Liberalisation and EC Competition Law en  
  ALBERS Michael
  New York City  Fordham 28th Annual Conference of Antitrust Law and Policy
25 October    Continued focus on reform - Recent developments in EC competition policy en  
  SCHAUB Alexander
  New York City  Fordham Corporate Law Institute - Twenty-eighth Annual Conference On International Antitrust Law and Policy
24 October    How to Enforce & Promote competition in the Global Transport Market en  
  PONS Jean-François
  Copenhagen  The 6th Annual European Shippers' Council Conference
18 October    Sport et politique européenne de la concurrence : "règles du jeu" et exemples récents d'application fr  
  PONS Jean-François
  Bruxelles  Forum européen de la concurrence
11 October    Competition and Consumer: the case of Pharmaceutical Products - Opening Speech en  
  MONTI Mario
  Antwerp  European Competition Day
10 October    Die Liberalisierung der Märkte für Gas und Strom und die Wettbewerbspolitik der Europäischen Kommission de  
  SCHAUB Alexander
  Düsseldorf  VKU-Verbandstagung 2001
08 October    Les services d'intérêt économique général dans l'Union européenne : subsidiarité, contrôle et libéralisation fr  
  PONS Jean-François
05 October    Market definition as a cornerstone of EU Competition Policy en  
  MONTI Mario
  Helsinki  Workshop on Market Definition - Helsinki Fair Centre
01 October    Minderheitsbeteiligungen und personelle Verflechtungen zwischen Wettbewerbern - Zur Anwendung von Artikel 81 und 82 EG-Vertrag (Minority Shareholdings and Interlocking Directorships under Articles 81 and 82 EC) de  
    Rolfes/Fischer (Hrsg.), Handbuch der Europäischen Finanzdienstleistungsindustrie, Fritz Knapp Verlag, Frankfurt a.M.
01 October    General Electric/Honeywell - An Insight into the Commission's Investigation and Decision en  
  Dimitri GIOTAKOS, Laurent PETIT, Gaelle GARNIER an 
  European Commission - Competition DG  EC Competition Policy Newsletter - 2001 - Number 3 - October
27 September    Competition Policy and the Enlargement of the European Union en  
  MONTI Mario
  Berlin  Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
26 September    Europäisches Wettbewerbsrecht und anwaltliches Berufsrecht (European competition rules and professional rules of lawyers) de  
  SCHAUB Alexander
    Parlamentarischen Abends des Deutschen Anwaltsvereins (DAV)
21 September    The Direction of Competition Policy: Reconciling National and International Objectives en  
  SCHAUB Alexander
  Ottawa  Annual Fall Conference on Competition Law
21 September    Remedies in Merger Cases en  
  MEDERER Wolfgang
  Fiesole, Florence, Italy  The Fifth Annual Competition Conference, IBA,
20 September    European competition policy for the recycling markets en  
  PONS Jean-François
  Madrid  Pro Europe International Congress - "Recycling as Part of Daily Life in Europe"
20 September    Introduction of competition in the communications market - The European Experience en  
  UNGERER Herbert
  Rio de Janeiro  Second International Seminar, Plano Editorial, Rio de Janeiro
17 September    Convergence in Regulatory and Competition Law paradigms en  
  UNGERER Herbert
  Brussels  Communications and EC Competition Law
17 September    The Sector Inquiries into Leased Lines and Mobile Roaming: Findings and follow-up of the competition law investigations in Cases COMP/C1/37.638 and COMP/C1/37.639 en  
  Brussels  IBC Conference on Communications and EC Competition Law
11 September    Defining the boundaries: competition policy in high tech sectors en  
  MONTI Mario
  Barcelona  UBS Warburg Conference Europe 20/20
14 August    Konvergenz kartellrechtlicher Normen und deren Anwendung auf globale Sachverhalt de  
  SCHAUB Alexander
12 July    B2B E-Marketplaces: A New Challenge to Existing Competition Law Rules? en  
  LÜCKING Joachim
  University of Leicester  "Competition Law and the New Economy" Conference
09 July    The Future for Competition Policy in the European Union (Extracts): Merger control: Issues highlighted in the context of the GE/Honeywell Merger; Antitrust and financial services: clearing and settlement arrangements en  
  MONTI Mario
    Merchant Taylor's Hall
04 July    International co-operation and technical assistance: a view from the EU en  
  MONTI Mario
  Geneva  UNCTAD 3rd IGE Session
26 June    European Competition Policy in the New Economy en  
  PONS Jean-François
  Oxford  International Competition Policy Conference 2001 - Regulatory Policy Institute
20 June    Jurisdiction and cooperation issues in the investigation of international cartels en  
  KIRIAZIS Georgios
18 June    Enforcement of competition policy - case for the accession negotiations and for developing a real competition culture en  
  MONTI Mario
  Ljubljana  7th Annual Competition Conference between Candidate countries and the European Commission
11 June    Content, Competition and Consumers: Innovation and Choice en  
  MONTI Mario
  Stockholm  European Competition Day
11 June    Competition Law and the Internet en  
  SCHAUB Alexander
  Stockholm  European Competition Day
01 June    Effective Private Enforcement of EC Antitrust Law en  
  MONTI Mario
  Florence  Sixth EU Competition Law and Policy Workshop
30 May    Competition Policy and the Challenges of Enlargement en  
  PONS Jean-François
    Conference of the International Bar Association on ¿Competition Policy: Convergence and Economic Integration¿
30 May    Content - media - telecom competition issues en  
  UNGERER Herbert
  Madrid  Telecommunications Industry Conference
21 May    Competition in the New Economy en  
  MONTI Mario
  Berlin  10th International Conference on Competition - Bundeskartellamt
10 May    Le sport et la politique européenne de la concurrence : "règles du jeu" et exemples récents fr  
  PONS Jean-François
06 May    Use of EC Competition Rules in the Liberalisation of the European Union's Telecommunications Sector - Assessment of Past Experience and Conclusions for Use in other Utility Sectors en  
  UNGERER Herbert
26 April    Die Reform der Europäischen Wettbewerbspolitik de  
  SCHAUB Alexander
  St. Gallen  Achtes St. Galler Internationales Kartellrechtsforum
03 April    Concurrence et Libéralisation dans le secteur des transports fr  
  PONS Jean-François
  Paris  Colloque de l¿Association française d¿études de la concurrence
29 March    The EU Views on Global Competition Forum en  
  MONTI Mario
  Washington  ABA meetings
26 March    EC antitrust policy in the pharmaceutical sector en  
  MONTI Mario
  Brussels  Alliance Unichem conference
24 March    Services of General Interest in Europe en  
  MONTI Mario
    Editorial published in Europäische Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsrecht (EuZW), volume 6/2001, page 161
14 March    The Global Competition Forum: How it should be organised and operated en  
  SCHAUB Alexander
  Brussels  European Policy Centre
02 March    Competition in the e-Economy (excerpts) en  
  MONTI Mario
  Bruxelles  The New Economy in Europe : its potential impact on Eu enterprises and policies
02 March    Kartellrechtliche Probleme des elektronischen Marktplatzes aus Sicht der EU-Kommission de  
  SCHAUB Alexander
  Innsbruck  XXXIV. FIW Symposium
26 February    Competition and Sport the Rules of the game en  
  MONTI Mario
  Swissotel Brussels  Conference on "Governance in Sport" - European Olympic Committee - FIA - Féderation Internationale de l'Automobile - Herbert Smith
13 February    Eléments d'intervention fr  
  Bruxelles  Règlement n° 1475/95 - audition publique
13 February    Chairman's speaking points en  
  Brussels  Regulation 1475/95 - Public Hearing
29 January    Competition in the European Telecommunications Market (English short version and German full text) en  
  UNGERER Herbert
  Düsseldorf  Online 2001 Conference
26 January    Perspectives for the EU's state aid policy and role of Member States en  
  SCHAUB Alexander
  Copenhague  State Aid Forum
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