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Block Exemption Regulation - History

Six years after its entry into force, the Commission was required under the Implementing Regulation (Council Regulation (EC) 1534/91) to submit a report to the European Parliament and Council on the functioning of the Block Exemption Regulation together with any proposals for amendment in the light of experience. 

November 2007:  The Commission consulted national competition authorities.

April 2008:  Public consultation launched. Targeted questionnaires sent to certain stakeholders, public authorities and consumer organisations.

July 2008:  Consultation received 60 replies. Follow-up questionnaires to certain stakeholders including small and medium-sized insurers, pools and producer federations of security devices.

October 2009:  The Commission launched a public consultation on a draft Commission Regulation on the application of Article 81(3) (now renamed 101(3)) of the Treaty to categories of agreements, decisions and concerted practices in the insurance sector.

30 November 2009:  Consultation closed having received 23 replies.

24 March 2009:  The Commission adopted the Report (COM/2009/0138) to the European Parliament and Council accompanied by a detailed Working Document. See press release and memo.

2 June 2009:  Public event to hear further representations on the Report and accompanying Working Document. Separate panels discussed each of the four categories of agreement currently exempted by the BER. More information on the Event is available here.

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