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7 June 2013

Conferences and speeches

  • Romania’s Competition Council and its contribution to EU competition policy
    Romanian Competition Council: Accomplishments and Perspectives, Bucharest, Alexander Italianer
    30 May 2013
    "The collaboration among Europe’s competition authorities within the European Competition Network is excellent. The Consiliul Concurentei is an active member of the network and has regular exchanges with the services of DG Competition in Brussels. In addition – and this is another specific feature – the council is also the point of contact with the European Commission on State aid issues. […] The Competition Council has a good enforcement record. In addition, it has contributed to the adoption of the new Competition law in 2011. This reform brings the Romanian regime into line with the EU model and has helped to foster competition in the country."
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State aid

  • Commission gives the Walloon Region permission to convert a €43.5 million claim against Sonaca into equity
    5 June 2013
    The Commission has approved a plan by the Walloon Region to convert into equity a residual claim of €43.5 million held against the Belgian aeronautics company Sonaca, in which the Region has a 92.29% holding. The Commission considered that this conversion did not involve state aid because a private investor would have taken the same course of action in the same circumstances.
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  • Commission approves investment aid for infrastructure project at German airport Memmingen
    5 June 2013
    The Commission has found that investment aid totalling €7.75 million to finance an infrastructure project at Memmingen airport is in line with EU state aid rules. Memmingen airport is a small regional airport located in South Germany, with annual passenger traffic below one million. The investment to upgrade and enhance its infrastructure aims to accommodate the increasing demand of airlines and passengers. The state aid granted by the Free State of Bavaria will improve regional connectivity without unduly distorting competition in the internal market.
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  • Commission approves acquisition of Cocoa Ingredients Division of Petra Foods by rival Barry Callebaut
    7 June 2013
    The Commission has cleared the proposed acquisition of the Cocoa Ingredients Division of Petra Foods Limited of Singapore by Barry Callebaut AG of Switzerland. The Commission's investigation confirmed in particular that customers would still have sufficient alternative suppliers in all markets concerned and that the merged entity would continue to face competition from a number of other strong competitors.
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  • T-405/08 Spar v Commission
    7 June 2013
    The General Court (GC) ruled on an appeal against the Commission's 2008 decision to clear the merger between the retailers REWE and ADEG. The GC rejected the appeal and upheld the Commission's decision.
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  • Case C-536/11 Preliminary ruling
    6 June 2013
    The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled on questions referred by an Austrian Court regarding third party access to documents collected during an antitrust investigation. The ECJ held that a provision of national law that makes access to a cartel file held by a national court subject to agreement by all parties to the cartel proceedings (including the infringers themselves) is not compatible with EU law, and in particular with the principle of effectiveness.
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