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15 March 2013


  • Commission clears acquisition of TNK-BP by Rosneft
    8 March 2013
    The Commission has cleared the proposed acquisition of sole control of TNK-BP by OJSC Oil Company Rosneft of Russia. The Commission examined in particular the potential effects of the proposed acquisition as regards the development, production and sale of crude oil as well as the production and supply of heavy fuel oil. As for all state-owned companies, the Commission also assessed whether Rosneft operated independently of the state, or whether there was scope for the state to coordinate the behaviour of the state-owned companies in the sector. This question was ultimately left open as the proposed acquisition did not give rise to competition concerns.
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  • Case C-276/11 P Viega v Commission (Fittings cartel)
    14 March 2013
    The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled on Viega's appeal against a General Court (GC) ruling that had rejected Viega's appeal against a Commission decision of September 2006 fining several companies for their participation in a cartel in the sector of copper fittings. The ECJ dismissed the appeal and entirely confirmed the Commission's decision regarding Viega.
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  • Cases T-587/08 and T-588/08 Del Monte & Dole v Commission (Bananas cartel)
    14 March 2013
    The General Court (GC) ruled on two appeals against a Commission decision of October 2008 fining several companies for their participation in a cartel in the bananas sector. The GC confirmed the Commission's findings concerning the bananas cartel on substance. It fully upheld the fine imposed on Dole and partially reduced the fine imposed on Dole/Weichert.
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  • C-32/11 Allianz Hungária - preliminary ruling
    14 March 2013
    The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled on questions referred by a Hungarian Court regarding the interpretation of Article 101 TFEU in the context of a case concerning contracts between an insurance company and certain vehicle repairers. The ECJ ruled that bilateral agreements between car repairers and insurance companies making charges for car repairs dependent also on the amount of insurance contracts sold by the car repairers (as insurance intermediares, can be considered as restricting competition by object under certain circumstances. The ECJ held that this was in particular the case where it is apparent that by their nature, such agreements are damaging the proper functioning of normal competition on either the car repair or the insurance market.
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