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Friday, November 26, 2010


  • Commission clears acquisition of stake in Univar by CD&R
    26 November 2010
    While CD&R has portfolio companies that buy chemicals from distributors such as Univar, there is no risk of inputs or customers being shut out due to the nature of the vertical links.
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  • Commission approves acquisition of automotive textile manufacturer Michel Thierry Group by automotive supplier Johnson Controls
    23 November 2010
    The Commission's investigation highlighted that, in view of credible alternative suppliers and customers, the parties will neither have the incentive nor the ability to close out competitors from access to textiles or to manufacturers of interior components using textiles. Moreover, car manufacturers produce part of the textile components they use in-house. The majority of textile suppliers and seat component manufacturers are chosen by the car manufacturers, who also determine the prices. These have an interest in keeping a sufficient number of potential suppliers of textiles and components.
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State aid

  • Commission refers Spain to Court for failure to respect Court ruling to recover illegal aid
    24 November 2010
    The Commission referred Spain to the EU Court of Justice for failure to implement a Court ruling of December 2006, which found that Spain had failed to recover incompatible state aid granted by certain Basque Provinces, as ordered by Commission decisions of July 2001. Although almost four years have elapsed since the judgment, Spain has yet to complete the recovery procedure.
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