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Friday, July 16, 2010

Conferences and Speeches

  • "British Airways, American Airlines and Iberia transatlantic alliance "
    Remarks at press conference, Brussels, Joaquín Almunia
    14 July 2010
    "We have analysed these commitments, we have consulted other players in the market, and we have concluded that the remedies the airlines have introduced will secure for passengers the benefits of the alliance together with the prospect of additional services provided by other operators."
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  • British Airways, American Airlines and Iberia commitments to ensure competition on transatlantic passenger air transport markets
    14 July
    The Commission has made legally binding commitments offered by BA, AA and Iberia, three members of the oneworld airline alliance. These commitments were offered in response to the Commission's concerns that the planned joint venture between BA, AA and Iberia might breach EU antitrust rules and harm consumers on transatlantic routes. The parties notably offered to make landing and take off slots available at London Heathrow airport to facilitate the entry or expansion of competitors on routes between London and New York, Boston, Dallas and Miami. After a market test, the Commission concluded that the commitments offered were suitable to remedy the competition concerns.
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  • Commission approves proposed acquisition of IMS by Jacquet Metals
    14 July 2010
    The Commission found that the transaction does not raise any competition concerns in the relevant markets, given the limited increments in market share resulting from the merger, the presence of a number of sizeable competitors in each of these markets and the low barriers to entry.
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  • Commission approves the acquisition of Giraud by Geodis, a subsidiary of SNCF
    14 July 2010
    There are no significant overlaps between the parties' activities. The merger would create a vertical relationship between, on the one hand, SNCF's rail freight transport services and, on the other, Giraud's land-based freight forwarding activities. However, the Commission found that there would be no incentive for SNCF to restrict access to its rail transport services following the merger because Giraud specialises in commissioning road transport, and because there are strong competitors in the freight forwarding sector who are important clients of SNCF.
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  • Commission approves merger between British Airways and Iberia
    14 July 2010
    The Commission's investigation showed that the merged entity will continue to face sufficient competition from other carriers and therefore that passengers will have adequate alternatives.
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  • Commission approves acquisition of NBC Universal by Comcast
    13 July 2010
    The Commission's investigation showed that the parties' combined market shares remain very limited in all the EEA countries where they are both active, with only a limited increment resulting from the transaction. In addition, contrary to the US, in the EEA, the transaction does not lead to any vertical relationship between Comcast's cable distribution platform and NBC Universal's programming assets.
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State aid

  • Commission approves restructuring plan of Bank of Ireland
    15 July 2010
    The Commission approved the restructuring plan of Bank of Ireland. The Commission is satisfied that the plan is in line with EU state aid rules, because it foresees that BOI will pay a significant proportion of the restructuring costs and ensures a sustainable future for the bank without continued state support.
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