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Friday, June 4, 2010

Conferences and Speeches

  • The role of public services in “Europe 2020”
    CEEP Congress, Madrid, Joaquín Almunia
    31 May 2010
    "We must ensure the provision of services in the public interest for the benefit of citizens; and we must guarantee that this is done in a consistent fashion within the framework of the rules on competition established in the EU, thus limiting to the minimum necessary the burden on Member State budgets in a period when budgetary consolidation is an essential condition if we are to overcome the crisis and have the best possible expectations for success in the future."
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  • Commission opens formal proceedings against Suez Environnement for alleged breach of a seal during an inspection
    4 June 2010
    The Commission opened proceedings against Suez Environnement to investigate an alleged breach of a seal affixed during an inspection at the premises of the group's subsidiary, Lyonnaise des Eaux.
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  • Commission opens an investigation into alleged restrictions of competition between Areva and Siemens
    2 June 2010
    The Commission opened proceedings to assess whether non-compete clauses between Areva of France and Siemens of Germany in the field of civil nuclear technology breach EU antitrust rules.
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  • Commission report on national telecoms regulation shows more competition but no Single Market
    2 June 2010
    A Commission report found that EU telecoms markets have become more competitive thanks to the Commission's guidance in the consultation and review process known as the 'Article 7 procedure', where national telecoms regulators inform the Commission in advance of their regulatory plans. As a result, citizens and businesses enjoy greater choice of services and cheaper prices. However, the report also indicates that a single EU telecoms market is still far from reality.
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  • Commission market tests Visa Europe's commitments to cut Multilateral Interchange Fees (MIFs) for debit cards transactions
    28 May 2010
    The Commission has invited comments from stakeholders on a set of proposals submitted by Visa Europe, to address the Commission's concerns that Visa Europe's MIFs for debit card transactions may breach EU antitrust rules. Should the results of this market test indicate that the proposed commitments are suitable to remedy the competition concerns, the Commission may adopt a decision rendering the commitments legally binding on Visa Europe.
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  • Commission opens in-depth investigation into Unilever's proposed takeover of Sara Lee Household and Body Care Business
    31 May 2010
    The Commission's initial investigation has shown that the merger would lead to high combined market shares in several Member States and create a clear market leader. In addition, it would remove a strong alternative supplier in a number of deodorants, bath &shower and fabric care markets. In the in-depth investigation, the Commission will carefully scrutinise whether the proposed transaction would ultimately lead to higher prices for final consumers.
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State aid

  • Commission temporarily approves recapitalisation of EBS
    2 June 2010
    The Commission authorised an emergency recapitalisation of €875 million in favour of the Irish Educational Building Society (EBS) for reasons of financial stability. The Commission approved the measure as urgent rescue aid until it adopts a final decision on the restructuring plan submitted by the Irish authorities. It will assess in particular whether EBS becomes viable without continued state support.
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