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Friday, May 7, 2010

Conferences and Speeches

  • Review of Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation
    Introductory Remarks in European Parliament Plenary Session, Brussels, Joaquín Almunia
    5 May 2010
    "By allowing more flexibility for the distribution of vehicles, the proposed changes will restore manufacturers' incentives to reduce the cost of selling cars. Allow me to recall that distribution costs make up, on average, 30% of the price of a new car. By reducing those costs, manufacturers will improve their competitive position with resulting benefits for consumers."
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  • Commission consults on review of rules applicable to horizontal co-operation agreements
    4 May 2010
    The Commission published draft Regulations and Guidelines for the assessment of co-operation agreements between competitors, so called horizontal co-operation agreements. The objective of these proposals is to update and further clarify the application of EU competition rules in this area.
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  • E.ON's commitments open up German gas market to competitors
    4 May 2010
    The Commission has rendered legally binding commitments offered by E.ON to effectively open up access to the German gas market in response to competition concerns raised by the Commission. The Commission had concerns that E.ON may have unfairly shut out competitors by booking on a long-term basis the largest part of the available transport capacity at the entry points into its gas transmission networks.
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State aid

  • Commission requests France to comply with Court judgment on recovery of incompatible tax exemptions for takeover of ailing companies
    5 May 2010
    The Commission requested France to implement a 2008 judgment of the Court of Justice finding that France had failed to recover incompatible tax exemptions for takeovers of ailing companies. The judgment was based on a Commission decision of December 2003, finding that tax exemptions foreseen under Article 44 septies of the French General Tax Code were incompatible with EU State aid rules because they procured selective advantages to certain companies, without objective justification.
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