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Friday, April 16, 2010

Conferences and Speeches

  • Competition, competitiveness, growth: a new impetus for the European Union
    Address at Confindustria Conference - "Liberta e Benessere – l'Italia al Futuro", Parma, Joaquín Almunia
    9 April 2010
    "I do not believe that European industry can get itself into shape by relying on short-term measures, such as State subsidies to prop up failing businesses, State measures to protect markets or indeed private measures to protect markets and ward off competition. We need to have the courage to move away from this type of measure. The only way to be competitive and succeed globally is to compete on the basis of ideas, creativity, efficiencies and innovation."
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  • Commission increases electricity trading capacity on the Swedish borders
    14 April 2010
    The Commission has rendered legally binding commitments offered by Svenska Kraftnät (SvK) that will increase trade in electricity within Sweden and between Sweden and neighbouring countries. The commitments address concerns that SvK may have abused its dominant market position in the Swedish electricity transmission market by reducing the amount of export capacity on the interconnectors between Sweden and neighbouring countries. Under the commitments, SvK will allow electricity flows to adjust to transmission capacity through market prices.
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State aid

  • Commission takes Greece to Court for failure to recover illegal aid from Hellenic Shipyards
    14 April 2010
    The Commission refered Greece to the European Court of Justice for not complying with a Commission decision of 8 July 2008 that found that Greece had granted unlawful state aid to Hellenic Shipyards (HSY) and ordered the recovery of the aid.
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  • Commission approves €19 million German support to Salzgitter AG for energy-saving steel production
    14 April 2010
    The Commission authorised Germany to grant €19.1 million for an energy-saving steel production project run by the Austrian company Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH. The aid will allow Salzgitter to produce steel through an innovative production process, Direct Strip Casting (DSC), which consumes less energy than alternative processes. The aid is in line with EU state aid rules because, on balance, the positive effects for the environment largely outweigh potential distortions of competition.
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  • Commission opens in-depth investigation into €9.8 million debt rescheduling of Bulgarian company Ruse Industry
    14 April 2010
    The Commission opened an in-depth investigation into Bulgaria's plans to reschedule debts of €9.8 million owed to the State by Ruse Industry AD, a manufacturer of metal structures and elements. The Commission needs to verify whether Ruse is eligible for restructuring aid, whether the company will be viable in the long term and whether it sufficiently contributes to the cost of restructuring.
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  • Commission clears public R&D funding for Daher-Socata and Sogerma
    14 April
    The Commission approved repayable advances of €35.14 million that France intends to grant to Daher-Socata (€12.34 million) and Sogerma (€22.8 million) for the development of the next-generation Main Landing Gear Doors (MLGD) and Main Landing Gear Bay (MLGB) of the future Airbus A 350 XWB. The Commission found the measure to be in line with EU state aid rules, because it addresses a specific market failure, is appropriate and limited to the minimum necessary.
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