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Friday, March 19, 2010

Conferences and Speeches

  • Los nuevos retos de la política de competencia de la UE
    Comisión Nacional de la Competencia, Madrid, Joaquín Almunia
    15 March 2010
    "La politique de la concurrence, en conjonction avec l'euro et le marché intérieur, a un rôle clé à jouer. Dans l'esprit du traité sur l'Union européenne, c'est un outil indispensable pour doter l'Europe des moyens qui lui permettront d'être compétitive sur le marché mondial. "
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  • Commission makes EDF commitments to open French electricity market to competition legally binding
    17 March 2010
    The Commission has made legally binding commitments offered by the French electricity group EDF. These commitments were offered in response to the Commission's concerns that EDF's contracts with large electricity consumers may hinder the entry and expansion of EDF's competitors on the French market. EDF will ensure that every year a significant number of customers are free to contract with other electricity suppliers. Resale restrictions will also be removed.
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  • Acquisition of several water collection, treatment and supply companies by Lyonnaise des Eaux
    18 March 2010
    The Commission's investigation found that the proposed transaction would have no detrimental effect on competition in the markets concerned, given the limited market shares of the companies to be acquired and the operational control that LDE already exercised jointly with Veolia Eau over seven of the eight companies.
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  • Commission refers review of acquisition of Shell's Greek fuel and bitumen business by Motor Oil to Greek competition authority
    15 March 2010
    The Commission has referred to the Greek Competition Authority the examination of the proposed acquisition of Shell's activities in the Greek oil sector by Motor Oil of Greece. The Commission concluded that the proposed concentration would only affect the Greek markets for fuels and bitumen and that therefore the Greek competition authority, which requested the referral, would be best placed to examine it.
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State aid

  • Commission approves Slovenian short-term export credit insurance scheme
    16 March 2010
    The Commission authorised a Slovenian measure aimed at limiting the adverse impact of the current financial crisis on export firms. The Commission found the measure to be in line with EU state aid rules, because it requires a higher remuneration than that offered by the private market and tackles the problem of the current insufficiency of short-term export credit insurance cover on the private market.
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  • Joint cases T-94/08 and T-189/08 Carrefour and others / Commission
    18 March 2010
    The General Court ruled on two appeals by Carrefour and Forum 187, seeking annulment of a Commission decision of 13 November 2007 and a prolongation until the end of 2010 of the Belgian fiscal scheme for coordination centres. The Commission decision of 2007 had authorised for certain coordination centres a transitory prolongation of the scheme until the end of 2005. The Court found that both appeals were not admissible, because the parties had failed to demonstrate an interest in the annulment of the decision under appeal. Moreover, the Court held that even an annulment of the Commission decision would not have entitled the parties to claim under Belgian law a prolongation of the prefertial fiscal treatment beyond the end of 2005.
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