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Friday, January 15, 2010


  • EP Hearing of Commissioner-designate for Competition Joaquín Almunia
    12 January 2010
    The financial crisis was at the centre of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee´s hearing of Joaquín Almunia, Commissioner-designate for competition policy. Mr Almunia presented ways in which competition policy can help lead the EU towards growth. Many MEPs asked about his views on state aid to financial institutions and how to ensure that state aid to banks does not encourage future recklessness. Read more >
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  • Commission opens formal investigation into the "Baltic Max Feeder" scheme for European feeder vessel owners
    15 January 2010
    The Commission is in particular concerned that the scheme, whereby European ship owners collectively agree to cover the costs of removing feeder vessels from service, may be aimed at reducing capacity and therefore at pushing up charter rates for such vessels.
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  • Commission launches monitoring of patent settlements concluded between pharmaceutical companies
    12 January 2010
    The Commission can confirm that on 12 January 2010 it addressed requests for information to certain pharmaceutical companies, asking them to submit copies of their patent settlement agreements. This monitoring exercise has been launched in the light of the findings of the competition inquiry into the pharmaceutical sector, published in July 2009.
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  • Commission approves proposed acquisition of Alstom Hydro by Alstom Holdings
    13 January 2010
    The Commission examined the links between Alstom and Alstom Hydro as regards control systems and excitation systems for larger hydropower plants. The Commission's investigation found that the market position for hydro activities will not materially change through the transaction and that the equipment sourced from Alstom represents a small proportion of the overall hydropower equipment market.
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State aid

  • Commission approves Hungarian liquidity support scheme
    14 January 2010
    The Commission found the measure to be in line with EU state aid rules, because it is appropriate, necessary and proportional to support the Hungarian financial system against the exceptional turbulence encountered by Hungarian banks in the global financial crisis, while limiting distortions of competition.
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  • Commission approves Danish Terror Insurance Scheme
    13 January 2010
    The Commission authorised a Danish measure providing for state guarantees on non-life insurance against damages stemming from nuclear, biological, chemical or radioactive (NBCR) terrorist attacks that exceed a certain threshold. The Commission found the measure to be in line with EU state aid rules, because it is designed to be self-funding and concerns insurance cover that is currently insufficiently available on the private market.
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