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Friday, July 17, 2009

Conferences and Speeches

  • Europe – Good for Women and Good for Ireland
    "Women for Europe" Event, Dublin, Neelie Kroes
    16 July 2009
    "I've often been quoted as saying that the collapse of Lehman Brothers would never have happened if there'd been Lehman Sisters there with them! Why? Because women managers are naturally more risk adverse and they think about the long-term. They balance out the views of their male colleagues, which gives a wider range of perspectives. In fact, studies show that the more women there were in a company's management, the less the company's share price fell when the downturn came."


  • Commission approves proposed acquisition of Loos by Bosch Thermotechnik
    17 July 2009
    The Commission's investigation showed that the horizontal overlaps between the activities of Loos and Bosch Thermotechnik are limited and that the additional market share brought about by Bosch Thermotechnik's acquisition of Loos is insignificant. In addition, the Commission found that Bosch Thermotechnik and Loos were active in different segments of the boiler market and that the transaction was unlikely to have negative effects.


  • Commission confirms sending Statement of Objections to alleged participants in LCD panels cartel
    13 July 2009
    The Commission can confirm that in May 2009 it sent a Statement of Objections to a number of companies active in the supply of liquid crystal display (LCD) panels, concerning their alleged participation in a cartel. The product under investigation is the main component of thin, flat monitors used for example in mobile phones, televisions, computers, digital watches and pocket calculators.

State aid


  • C-440/07 Commission v Schneider Electric
    16 July 2009
    The Court of Justice ruled on an appeal by the Commission against a Court of First Instance judgment (case T-351/03). The CFI had held the Commission liable to pay Schneider Electric damages in connection with the Commission's decision to prohibit the acquisition of Legrand by Schneider and to order the divestiture of Legrand. The two Commission decisions were subsequently annulled by the CFI for a procedural error regarding Schneider's rights of defence (cases T-310/01 and T-77/02). The CFI had recognised to of Schneider's claims for damages: Firstly, for the costs resulting for Schneider from the resumed merger procedure following the CFI's annulment of the Commission's prohibition decision. Secondly, part of the losses incurrend by Schneider in the context of divesting Legrand following the Commission's divestment decision. The Court of Justice set aside the CFI ruling on the latter point, deciding that there was no direct causal link between the Commission's wrongful act and that loss. The Court of Justice confirmed the CFI ruling regarding the Commission's obligation to make good for the losses incurred by Schneider in connection with the resumed merger procedure.
  • C-385/07 Der Grüne Punkt - Duales System Deutschland v Commission
    16 July 2009
    The Court of Justice ruled on an appeal by Der Grüne Punkt - DSD against a Court of First Instance ruling of 24 May 2007 (case T-151/01). The CFI ruling had upheld a Commission decision of 20 April 2001 finding that Der Grüne Punkt - DSD had abused its dominant position on the German market for waste management. The Court of Justice entirely confirmed the Commission's decision and dismissed the appeal.
  • C-481/07 SELEX Sistemi Integrati v Commission
    16 July 2007
    The Court of Justice ruled on an appeal by SELEX against a CFI judgment of 29 August 2007 (case T-186/05). The CFI had rejected an action by SELEX asking for damages from the Commission for its decision to reject a complaint by SELEX regarding an alleged violation of the competition rules by Eurocontrol. The Cour of Justice entirely confirme the CFI ruling and dismissed the appeal.


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