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Research in the field of competition policy

The European Commission offers a number of information sources which can be helpful to researchers in the field of Competition Policy.

The Competition website

Our policy is to publish a maximum of information on our website. It contains amongst others:

Primary Research

We regret we are not in a position to engage in primary research on request from individuals. For example, we cannot provide statistical analysis other that statistical data already published (see above under "competition case texts"). We cannot undertake analysis or comment of specific sectors or decisions, other than what appears already in the sources listed above.

Bibliographic research (commercial publications on competition matters)

The Competition website is complementary to, not a substitute for basic library research for students involved in writing theses, papers, etc. Numerous excellent books and journals are produced by publishers throughout Europe providing for analysis and interpretation of European competition policy. DG competition regrets it cannot provide access to such texts, nor can we provide bibliographic research services in such sources.

However, the European Commission Libraries Catalogue is available for online consultation. The libraries of the Commission collect a wide range of both EU and commercially-produced material on all aspects of the European Union and its policies. The catalogue is therefore an excellent reference source for general research on the European Union.

Please note that the listing of any title in the catalogue does not imply endorsement of its contents by the Commission. The Commission does not accept responsibility for providing access to commercial material cited in the catalogue (although many of the items listed therein are electronic, with direct access to full text). Publications identified in ECLAS should be requested through normal library channels in each member state. The Central Library of the Commission also welcomes visiting researchers.

EU Bookshop

The Publications Office is the European Union's publisher. Its website offers information on basic information sources of the European Union, how to obtain EU publications, including many freely available publications. See in particular the EU Bookshop where you may order publications online.

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