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In carrying out its duties the Commission may obtain all necessary information from relevant persons, undertakings, associations of undertakings and competent authorities of Member States. The Commission’s investigation is mainly conducted in the form of written Requests for Information (requests pursuant to Article 11 of Regulation 139/2004). Requests for information are now being increasingly handled using the new Commission's electronic platform for market investigations (for more information, see eQuestionnaire) as well as by e-mail or fax.

Requests for information to third parties are generally sent using the contact details that the notifying party(ies) provides within the Form CO. According to section 1.4 of Annex I to the Implementing Regulation (Regulation 802/2004): "contact details must be provided in a format provided by the Commission's Directorate-General for Competition (DG Competition)." Moreover, it is stressed that the contact details must be accurate and that incorrect contact details may be a ground for declaring the notification incomplete.

More information on market investigations

Best Practice Guidelines on merger control proceedings pdf: see the sections on "information to be provided/preparing the Form CO" and "Fact finding/requests for information".