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International Competition Network (ICN)

As one of the founding members, the Commission is proud to be part of the International Competition Network (ICN). The ICN provides antitrust agencies from developed and developing countries with a focused network for addressing practical antitrust enforcement and policy issues of common concern. It facilitates procedural and substantive convergence in antitrust enforcement and merger control through a results-oriented agenda and informal, project-driven organization.

Working groups

There are five substantive working groups in the ICN, addressing advocacy, agency effectiveness, cartels, mergers and unilateral conduct.  Working Group members confer primarily via conference calls and e-mails, and hold periodic teleseminars and workshops. Working Groups organize panel and small group discussions at the annual conference and present work products for adoption.

The Commission is a member of the ICN Steering Group and currently co-chair of the Mergers Working Group and of the Cartels working group's Subgroup I.

Part of its involvement includes the production of publications and training materials.

ICN working groups:

Non-governmental advisors

ICN members work closely with a number of non-governmental advisors ("NGAs"), including private practitioners, academics, representatives of international organizations, and industry and consumer groups, resulting in work product that benefits from the input of a wider spectrum of perspectives.

DG Competition is keen to cooperate closely with NGAs in order to ensure that the Commission's contribution to the respective working groups' work programmes is of a high quality standard and grounded in the experience of a wide range of relevant stakeholders. As a member of the Steering Group and a Working Group co-chair, the Commission can propose the appointment of a number of NGA's.

If you would like to become involved in ICN as an NGA on behalf of the Commission, please contact DG Competition, using the following mailbox:

The appointment as NGA requires relevant expertise in the area of competition policy and a great deal of commitment on behalf of the NGA. S/he will be expected to contribute actively, alongside the European Commission, to the drafting and revision of specific Working Group products and participate in teleseminars, webinars and workshops. NGAs may also be invited to participate in the ICN's yearly Annual Conference. At the moment, the Commission is particularly interested in extending its network of NGA's to representatives of the academic world and consumer groups.

Please note that ICN activities are carried out in English. Neither the ICN nor the European Commission provides for any remuneration for the NGA's involvement. Please also note that the possibilities for participating in the Working Group activities are limited and that the ultimate decision on participation of NGAs in a given Working Group lies with the respective Working Group Chairs.