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In the field of competition, relations between Turkey and the EU are primarily governed by the Customs Union agreement with the EU. Turkey has not yet fulfilled its obligation under the Customs Union Decision 1/95 and the 1996 ECSC Turkey Free Trade Agreement to establish a State aid monitoring authority and to align and ensure full transparency of its existing and new State aid schemes.

Candidate country

Accession negotiations were opened with Turkey in October 2005. These will progress according to Turkey's progress in preparing for accession. This progress will be closely monitored by the Commission which will report regularly to the Council.

Negotiations on aligning the legislation with EU law relating to competition have not yet started. The Commission and the Member States will first evaluate Turkey's preparedness before deciding whether to open such negotiations.

Generally speaking, Turkey has aligned most of its legislation with EU antitrust law but further efforts are needed to introduce a state-aid monitoring system and to align the existing State aid schemes to EU rules.

Competition policy in Turkey is enforced by the Turkish Competition Authority.

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