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State Aid

State Aid Cases


Policy Area Case Number Member
Decision Date
State Aid SA.41662 Poland Aid scheme entitled “aid to capital funds investing in micro, small and medium enterprises".
State Aid SA.41663 Poland The conditions and procedures for granting State aid and de minimis aid through the National Centre for Research and Development
State Aid SA.41820 Italy Legge regionale 21 gennaio 2014, n. 7 - art. 5 comma 11. Fondo speciale per il ristoro dei danni subiti dagli imprenditori agricoli a causa degli eventi alluvionali del 18-19 novembre 2013
State Aid SA.42013 Austria Directive regarding the granting of aid for insurance premiums for cover against storm damage to greenhouses used for agricultural purposes
State Aid SA.42061 France Aides aux services de conseil dans le secteur forestier pour la période 2015-2020
State Aid SA.42745 Spain Aides en faveur du traitement du lisier
State Aid SA.42781 Italy Criteria for the granting of start-up aid to young farmers
State Aid SA.42822 Italy Aides au secteur de l'élevage en vertu des articles 1er et 2 de la loi régionale n° 36/2000
State Aid SA.42826 Italy Aides destinées à compenser le coût du contrôle et de l'éradication de maladies animales, et à remedier aux dommages occasionnés par ces dernières.
State Aid SA.42901 Italy Aides destinées à compenser les dommages occasionnés par les infections d'organismes nuisibles aux végétaux
State Aid SA.43001 Poland Aid scheme for farmers and agricultural producers who suffered damage to farms and special sectors of agricultural production due to the drought in 2015
State Aid SA.43036 Slovenia Support for the preservation and development of agriculture in the municipality of Kozje for the programming period 2015 - 2020
State Aid SA.43039 Germany Nordrhein-Westfalen - Guidelines for granting of aid for improving mobilising, marketing and processing of forestry and wood products
State Aid SA.43041 Slovakia Investments improving resilience and environmental value of forest ecosystems
State Aid SA.43047 Czechia Aid for private non-profit organisations
State Aid SA.43050 Spain Aides pour des services de conseil et participation dans de régimes de certifications des exploitations laitières
State Aid SA.43082 Czechia 4.3.2 Forest infrastructure
State Aid SA.43083 Czechia 8.6.1 Technique and technologies for the forest management
State Aid SA.43084 Czechia Aid for participation in international fair trades and exhibitions
State Aid SA.43086 Portugal Mesures 8.1.1, 8.1.2, 8.1.5 et 8.1.6 du PDR Portugal Continent
State Aid SA.43088 Hungary Aid under ABER in the 2014-2020 Rural Development Programme
State Aid SA.43097 Germany Bund: Measures to improve the energy efficiency in agriculture and horticulture.
State Aid SA.43133 France NORD PAS-DE-CALAIS


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