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State Aid

State Aid Cases


Policy Area Case Number Member
Decision Date
State Aid C13/2008 United Kingdom 11.02.2009 aid to channel 4 linked to digital switchover
State Aid C19/2009 Denmark 21.09.2011 Aid for the restructuring of TV 2/DANMARK A/S
State Aid C24/2004 Sweden 20.12.2006 Digital Terrestrial Television in Sweden
State Aid C33/2006 Germany 23.10.2007 DVB-T in Bavaria
State Aid C34/2006 Germany 23.10.2007 Introduction of DVB-T in North Rhine-Westphalia
State Aid C52/2005 Italy 24.01.2007 Digital Decoders (Mediaset)
State Aid E14/2005 Portugal 22.03.2006 Financing system of RTP
State Aid E2/2008 Austria 28.10.2009 Financing of the Austrian public service broadcaster ORF
State Aid E3/2005 Germany 24.04.2007 Aid to the German public broadcasters
State Aid E4/2005 Ireland 27.02.2008 State aid financing of RTE and TNAG (TG4)
State Aid E5/2005 Netherlands 26.01.2010 Yearly financing of Dutch public broadcasters
State Aid N109/2010 Belgium 17.11.2010 Vlaamse Mediamaatschappij - Subsidie live ondertiteling "Het Nieuws" - Project iWATCH
State Aid N192/2007 France 10.07.2007 Modification de NN84/04 - Financement du soutien financier de l'industrie cinématographique et audiovisuelle en France
State Aid N270/2006 Italy 24.01.2007 Contributi ai decoder digitali
State Aid N279/2008 France 16.07.2008 France Télévisions
State Aid N287/2008 Denmark 04.08.2008 Rescue Aid to TV2/Danmark A/S
State Aid N34a/2009 France 01.09.2009 Subvention budgetaire pour France Televisions 2009
State Aid N360/2007 Denmark 23.08.2007 Scheme for the production and broadcasting of Danish TV drama and TV documentary programmes
State Aid N394/2010 Ireland 27.06.2011 Funding Scheme For the Archiving of Programme Material ("The Archiving Scheme")
State Aid N550/2010 United Kingdom 24.01.2011 Northern Ireland Screen Fund ("the Screen Fund")
State Aid N671a/2009 Slovakia 15.09.2010 Switch-over to digital TV broadcasting in Slovakia - Terminal equipment for socially vulnerable persons
State Aid N719/2009 France 23.06.2010 Fonds destiné à certains foyers résidant dans des zones non couvertes par la télévision par voie hertzienne terrestre en mode numérique
State Aid N95/2010 France 22.07.2010 création d’une station de radio locale France Bleu Maine
State Aid NN31/2006 Portugal 04.07.2006 Financial support to restructure the accumulated debt of the Portuguese public service broadcaster RTP
State Aid NN47/2010 Portugal 21.10.2010 State aid in favour of RTP from 2003 to 2008
State Aid NN8/2007 Spain 07.03.2007 Financing of workforce reduction measures for RTVE
State Aid SA.12417 Denmark 20.04.2011 State funding of TV2/Denmark
State Aid SA.21395 Belgium 27.02.2008 State funding for Flemish public broadcaster VRT
State Aid SA.27408 Spain 10.01.2017 DTT roll out in Castilla-La Mancha
State Aid SA.27530 France 22.12.2010 Subvention pluriannuelle pour France Télévisions


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