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State Aid

State Aid Cases


Policy Area Case Number Member
Decision Date
State Aid C13/2008 United Kingdom 11.02.2009 aid to channel 4 linked to digital switchover
State Aid C19/2009 Denmark 21.09.2011 Aid for the restructuring of TV 2/DANMARK A/S
State Aid C24/2004 Sweden 20.12.2006 Digital Terrestrial Television in Sweden
State Aid C33/2006 Germany 23.10.2007 DVB-T in Bavaria
State Aid C34/2006 Germany 23.10.2007 Introduction of DVB-T in North Rhine-Westphalia
State Aid C52/2005 Italy 24.01.2007 Digital Decoders (Mediaset)
State Aid E14/2005 Portugal 22.03.2006 Financing system of RTP
State Aid E2/2008 Austria 28.10.2009 Financing of the Austrian public service broadcaster ORF
State Aid E4/2005 Ireland 27.02.2008 State aid financing of RTE and TNAG (TG4)
State Aid E5/2005 Netherlands 26.01.2010 Yearly financing of Dutch public broadcasters
State Aid N109/2010 Belgium 17.11.2010 Vlaamse Mediamaatschappij - Subsidie live ondertiteling "Het Nieuws" - Project iWATCH
State Aid N192/2007 France 10.07.2007 Modification de NN84/04 - Financement du soutien financier de l'industrie cinématographique et audiovisuelle en France
State Aid N270/2006 Italy 24.01.2007 Contributi ai decoder digitali
State Aid N279/2008 France 16.07.2008 France Télévisions
State Aid N287/2008 Denmark 04.08.2008 Rescue Aid to TV2/Danmark A/S
State Aid N34a/2009 France 01.09.2009 Subvention budgetaire pour France Televisions 2009
State Aid N360/2007 Denmark 23.08.2007 Scheme for the production and broadcasting of Danish TV drama and TV documentary programmes
State Aid N394/2010 Ireland 27.06.2011 Funding Scheme For the Archiving of Programme Material ("The Archiving Scheme")
State Aid N550/2010 United Kingdom 24.01.2011 Northern Ireland Screen Fund ("the Screen Fund")
State Aid N671a/2009 Slovakia 15.09.2010 Switch-over to digital TV broadcasting in Slovakia - Terminal equipment for socially vulnerable persons
State Aid N719/2009 France 23.06.2010 Fonds destiné à certains foyers résidant dans des zones non couvertes par la télévision par voie hertzienne terrestre en mode numérique
State Aid N95/2010 France 22.07.2010 création d’une station de radio locale France Bleu Maine
State Aid NN31/2006 Portugal 04.07.2006 Financial support to restructure the accumulated debt of the Portuguese public service broadcaster RTP
State Aid NN47/2010 Portugal 21.10.2010 State aid in favour of RTP from 2003 to 2008
State Aid NN8/2007 Spain 07.03.2007 Financing of workforce reduction measures for RTVE
State Aid SA.12417 Denmark 20.04.2011 State funding of TV2/Denmark
State Aid SA.18957 Germany 24.04.2007 Aid to the German public broadcasters
State Aid SA.21395 Belgium 27.02.2008 State funding for Flemish public broadcaster VRT
State Aid SA.27408 Spain 10.01.2017 DTT roll out in Castilla-La Mancha
State Aid SA.27530 France 22.12.2010 Subvention pluriannuelle pour France Télévisions


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