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State Aid

State Aid Cases


Policy Area Case Number Member
Decision Date
State Aid C19/2009 Denmark 21.09.2011 Aid for the restructuring of TV 2/DANMARK A/S
State Aid C25/2009 Italy 29.10.2014 Digital cinema tax credit
State Aid C51/2003 Germany 04.06.2007 Bayerische Filmhallen GmbH
State Aid N102/2010 Spain 14.04.2010 Basque film support scheme
State Aid N103/2006 Germany 07.06.2006 FilmFinanzierungsFonds - HessenInvestFilm
State Aid N108/2009 Spain 30.07.2009 Valencian film production support
State Aid N121/2007 Belgium 16.07.2007 Mesures fiscales en faveur de la production d'oeuvres audio-visuelles(régimz tax-shelter) BE
State Aid N168/2007 Austria 28.06.2007 TV Film Support Fund Austria - Extension of aid N 77/2005
State Aid N194/2006 United Kingdom 07.06.2006 Screen East Content Investment Fund (CIF)
State Aid N205/2010 Spain 08.07.2010 aid to short films in Spain
State Aid N214/2008 United Kingdom 10.06.2008 Northern Ireland Film Production Fund
State Aid N221/2010 Italy 19.11.2010 Cinema Toscana
State Aid N230/2007 Germany 04.06.2007 Filmstiftung NRW - Prolongation of aid N 411/2004
State Aid N231/2007 Germany 04.06.2007 Mitteldeutche Medienförderung GmbH - Film funding, prolongation of N 411/2004
State Aid N236/2007 Germany 04.06.2007 Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH- Film funding- prolongation of N 411/2004
State Aid N238/2007 Germany 04.06.2007 Film Funding- Hessen- Prolongation of aid N 411/2004
State Aid N243/2007 Germany 04.06.2007 Filmförderung Hamburg - prolongation of N 411/2004
State Aid N248/2007 Germany 04.06.2007 Film support Bayern Prolongation of N 411/2004
State Aid N250/2007 Germany 04.06.2007 Cultural film support Schleswig-Holstein Prolongation of N 411/2004
State Aid N267/2006 Spain 20.09.2006 Subvencion para la promocion del cine de autor
State Aid N268/2006 Spain 20.09.2006 Subvencion para la produccion de largometrajes cinematograficos que sean la opera prima o el segundo largometraje de un nuevo realizador
State Aid N269/2006 Spain 20.09.2006 Subvenciones a empresas de produccion independientes para la realizacion de documentales, destinados a ser emitidos por television
State Aid N279/2006 Slovakia 04.07.2006 SEN FILM, s.r.o.
State Aid N280/2006 Slovakia 04.07.2006 JMB Film & TV Production Bratislava, s.r.o.
State Aid N280/2009 Spain 07.10.2009 Basque film support scheme
State Aid N281/2006 Slovakia 04.07.2006 ALEF Film & Media Group, s.r.o.
State Aid N282/2006 Slovakia 04.07.2006 TaO Production, s.r.o.
State Aid N283/2006 Slovakia 04.07.2006 MIRAS, s.r.o.
State Aid N325/2010 Slovenia 16.11.2010 Co-financing of the creation of media programmes -prolongation of the scheme
State Aid N33/2010 Spain 24.03.2010 Promotion of dubbing and subtitling of movies in Catalan


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