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Policy Area Case Number Member State Last Decision Date Title  
State Aid C1/2004 Italy 27.01.2010 Hotel industry in Sardinia
State Aid C34/1999 Italy 21.06.2000 Recapitalisation de la société Siciliana Acque Minerali SRL
State Aid C36/2002 Greece 27.11.2002 Système de primes aux operateurs touristiques
State Aid C4/2006 Portugal 10.05.2007 Aide A L'entreprise Djebel
State Aid C4/2008 Netherlands 21.10.2008 Investment in Ahoy' by the Municipality of Rotterdam
State Aid C47/2002 Portugal 15.10.2003 Aid to "Vila Galé-Cintra Internacional-Investimentos turisticos SA"
State Aid C53/2002 Germany 17.09.2003 CR53/02 - Space Park Bremen
State Aid C64/2003 France 08.09.2004 Bioscope
State Aid C74/1999 France 20.05.2008 Development aid for Saint-Pierre et Miquelon (Le Levant)
State Aid N124/2000 Portugal 26.07.2000 Programmes de tourisme de base régionale (PITER)
State Aid N132/1999 Italy 01.03.2000 Capital injection in "Parco Navi SpA" by Sviluppo Italia (ex GEPI SpA) for the development of a marine science and leisure park
State Aid N16/2005 Poland 14.06.2005 Regional aid scheme for new investments in the tourism sector in Poland
State Aid N177/2007 Slovenia 16.08.2007 Tax allowance for research and development activities in Slovenia
State Aid N179/2008 Austria 13.07.2009 Austrian methodology to calculate the aid element of guarantees in the tourism sector
State Aid N182/2007 Italy 08.05.2007 Investments in photovoltaic energy and environmental aid (Umbria)
State Aid N187/2007 Sweden 16.05.2007 Modification of Regionally Differentiated Energy Tax for the Service Sector (N 593/2005)
State Aid N205/1999 Italy 14.01.2000 DDL n°460: Aid in favour of the tourism sector
State Aid N212/2001 Austria 13.09.2001 Top tourism programme
State Aid N216/2000 Spain 25.09.2000 Régime d'aides au tourisme (CANTABRIA)
State Aid N221/2003 Netherlands 15.10.2003 Aviodrome
State Aid N228/2004 Portugal 26.07.2004 Modification du régime d'aides en faveur de produits touristiques à vocation statégique (SIVETUR
State Aid N229/2001 Italy 07.08.2001 MSF 98 - Pompei Tech World S.P.A. for a leisure park
State Aid N233/2000 Italy 26.07.2000 Participation of the Region Emilia - Romagna into the capital of the spas - Terme di Castrocaro spa
State Aid N250/2001 Italy 11.06.2001 Région Sardaigne : Mesures d'aide en faveur de l'industrie hôtelière
State Aid N254/2002 Portugal 26.07.2002 Prêts bonifiés pour des investissements dans le secteur du tourisme
State Aid N258/2000 Germany 21.12.2000 Leisure pool Dorsten
State Aid N282/2005 Estonia 27.07.2005 Tourism product development and marketing support scheme
State Aid N284b/2000 Italy 05.02.2001 Refinancement par la loi budgétaire 8/2000 du régime d'aide au tourisme prévu part l'art. 16 de la loi régionale 27/96