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State Aid

State Aid Cases


Policy Area Case Number Member
Decision Date
State Aid N10/2007 Poland 05.07.2007 Prolongation of the case PL 12/2004
State Aid N275/2008 Italy 18.08.2008 Refuelling infrastructure for methane-powered vehicles
State Aid N410/2007 Sweden 09.08.2007 Prolongation of N413/06: Aid for Distribution of Renewable Fuel.
State Aid N687/2007 Netherlands 31.03.2008 Extension of CO2 reduction scheme in the transport sector
State Aid N9/2007 Poland 18.10.2007 Prolongation of the case PL 21/2004
State Aid SA.32480 Poland 13.07.2011 Restructuring aid to PKS STASZOW Sp. z o.o.
State Aid SA.32612 Poland 19.10.2011 Restructuring aid to PKS Pulawy Sp. z o.o
State Aid SA.33317 Poland 08.09.2011 Rescue Aid to PKS Lubliniec
State Aid SA.33663 Poland 21.03.2012 Restructuring Aid to PKS in OS
State Aid SA.34088 Poland 22.02.2012 Restructuring Aid to PKS SwS
State Aid SA.34758 Poland 11.07.2012 Restructuring aid to PKS Lubliniec.
State Aid SA.41448 Italy Legge 27.12.1975, n. 700 - Norme di attuazione Servizi e Commercio
State Aid SA.46039 Malta Start-up Investment Grant Scheme
State Aid SA.46040 Malta SME Growth Grant Scheme
State Aid SA.46532 Malta SME Internationalisation Grant Scheme
State Aid SA.47676 Czech Republic 6.4.3 Investice na podporu energie z obnovitelných zdrojů
State Aid SA.49008 Malta SME Growth Grant Scheme
State Aid X449/2009 Italy Interventi regionali a sostegno delle attività turistico-ricettive e commerciali


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