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Policy Area Case Number Member State Last Decision Date Title  
State Aid SA.34389 Sweden Stöd till biogasanläggningar inom ramen för Landsbygdsprogrammet
State Aid SA.34412 Germany 09.07.2014 Tax exemption for gaseous biofuels, gaseous biomass heating fuels and landfill and sewage gases
State Aid SA.35361 Netherlands Biomassavergistingsinstallatie
State Aid SA.39390 Italy FONDO UNICO ROTATIVO PER PRESTITI (FURP) Linea di intervento 1.4 a 2) Sezioni Industria, Artigianato e Cooperazione
State Aid SA.43220 Malta Start-Up Finance
State Aid SA.43302 Sweden 14.12.2015 Tax exemptions for biogas used as motor fuel
State Aid SA.43563 United Kingdom Advanced Biofuels Demonstration Competition