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Policy Area Case Number Member State Last Decision Date Title  
State Aid N405/2008 Poland 01.10.2009 Regional aid scheme for investments in energy, telecommunications infrastructure, R&D infrastructure and spa therapeutics
State Aid N463/2009 Spain 23.11.2009 Plan of improvement of the gas distribution network in Galicia
State Aid N609/2007 Spain 21.02.2008 Gas plan of the Comunidad Valenciana
State Aid SA.31225 Greece 23.12.2011 Aid in favour of the gas supply companies in Anatoliki Makedonia Thraki, Kentriki Makedonia and Sterea Ellada
State Aid SA.31953 Poland 05.10.2011 Construction of a LNG Terminal in Swinoujsciu
State Aid SA.32176 Netherlands Nadere regels vulpunten voor groengas Haaglanden 2010
State Aid SA.34389 Sweden Stöd till biogasanläggningar inom ramen för Landsbygdsprogrammet
State Aid SA.34412 Germany 09.07.2014 Tax exemption for gaseous biofuels, gaseous biomass heating fuels and landfill and sewage gases
State Aid SA.34453 Netherlands 06.11.2013 Environmental aid to Meppel Energie
State Aid SA.34938 Poland 16.04.2013 Aid to increase the capacity of PGNiG's gas storage facility in Husow
State Aid SA.35105 Germany Programminformation Energie vom Land
State Aid SA.35361 Netherlands Biomassavergistingsinstallatie
State Aid SA.35617 Netherlands Subsidie energiesprong stationsweg Groningen
State Aid SA.35976 Greece 18.09.2013 Metering/Regulating (M/R) Stations in Karditsa, Trikala and Ag. Theodori
State Aid SA.36290 United Kingdom 10.07.2014 Extension of Northern Ireland Gas Pipeline to West and North West
State Aid SA.36315 Netherlands 16.10.2013 Botlek Zuid - steam transport pipeline
State Aid SA.36726 Spain Ayudas para proyectos de ahorro y eficiencia en la industria y servicios
State Aid SA.36740 Lithuania 20.11.2013 AB “Klaipėdos nafta“ (hereinafter – „KN“)
State Aid SA.36871 Greece 25.06.2014 Extension of liquidity support to Greek DEPA
State Aid SA.37812 Poland 12.12.2013 Prolongation of the approved State aid scheme N 405/2008 (Regional aid scheme for investments in energy, telecommunications infrastructure, R&D infrastructure and spa therapeutics) until and including 30 June 2014
State Aid SA.39390 Italy FONDO UNICO ROTATIVO PER PRESTITI (FURP) Linea di intervento 1.4 a 2) Sezioni Industria, Artigianato e Cooperazione
State Aid SA.39399 Netherlands 07.04.2015 Modification of Dutch SDE+ RES scheme
State Aid SA.39544 Romania Ajutor de stat pentru proiectul MIS ETC 993 “Conductă de interconectare a sistemelor naţionale de transport gaze ale Republicii Moldova şi României Iaşi-Ungheni” (fostul SA.37064 (2013/PN) )
State Aid X190/2008 Germany Neue Energien - Energie vom Land
State Aid X38/2008 Germany Programminformation Energie vom Land