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State Aid

State Aid Cases


Policy Area Case Number Member
Decision Date
State Aid C8/2009 Italy 15.09.2010 Fri-el Acerra s.r.l.
State Aid N178/2010 Spain 29.09.2010 Preferential dispatch of indigenous coal plants
State Aid N180/2009 Italy 04.11.2009 IT - LIP - En Plus Centrale Termoelettrica di San Severo (FG)
State Aid N354/2008 Denmark 10.03.2009 Supplement for electricity from new wind turbines
State Aid N354/2009 Slovenia 26.10.2009 Support for production of electricity from renewable energy sources and in co-generation installations
State Aid N356/2008 Denmark 01.04.2009 Supplement for electricity generated with bio gas
State Aid N359/2008 Denmark 01.04.2009 Supplement for electricity generated by incinerating biomass
State Aid N391/2006 Denmark 09.11.2007 Tax Rate Reductions: Heat Produced in CHPs, Heat Produced by Electricity, and Process Heat
State Aid N394/2007 Denmark 13.03.2008 Non-appliance to windpower plants of lower depreciation rate
State Aid N47/2008 Austria 10.06.2008 Modification of feed-in tariffs for electricity from renewable sources.
State Aid N567/2007 Denmark 21.12.2007 Modification of electricity production grant (N 466/2002)"
State Aid N691/2009 Hungary 27.04.2010 Hungarian stranded cost compensation scheme
State Aid N74/2009 United Kingdom 08.04.2009 $ - CCS Demonstration Competition - FEED
State Aid N823/2006 Netherlands 09.02.2007 BioEnegy Twente
State Aid N893/2006 Finland 25.06.2007 Amendment & Prolongation of Aid to Power Plants
State Aid N907/2006 Hungary 10.07.2007 MSF 2002- Aid to Matrai Eromu
State Aid SA.16726 Slovenia 24.04.2007 Slovenian Electricity Tariffs
State Aid SA.24895 United Kingdom 31.07.2013 Public investment in wind power development projects
State Aid SA.26036 Austria 08.03.2011 Aid to energy intensive businesses, Green Electricity Act (Ökostromgesetznovelle 2008)
State Aid SA.26150 Spain 19.03.2009 IDAE - State aid scheme for the financing of strategical projects for energy saving and energy efficiency. (Spain)
State Aid SA.30531 Estonia 30.06.2011 Aid for Capacity Payments for Oil-Shale Fuelled Electricity Production (ET)
State Aid SA.31236 Ireland 12.01.2012 Renewable Feed In Tariff
State Aid SA.31861 Ireland 18.10.2011 Biomass electricity generation
State Aid SA.31961 Netherlands 22.11.2011 Aid for offshore wind farm Buitengaats
State Aid SA.31962 Netherlands 22.11.2011 Aid for offshore wind farm Zee energie
State Aid SA.32263 Sweden 09.11.2011 Demonstration plant for wave energy technology
State Aid SA.32855 Netherlands 21.12.2011 Wind farm project Acousticon
State Aid SA.32856 Netherlands 21.12.2011 Creil
State Aid SA.32857 Netherlands 21.12.2011 Zuidermeerdijk
State Aid SA.32858 Netherlands 21.12.2011 Wind farm project VWW
State Aid SA.32859 Netherlands 21.12.2011 Westermeerwind
State Aid SA.33080 Netherlands Collectieve aankoop PV voor particulieren op Texel, TexelEnergie Coöperatie u.a.
State Aid SA.33134 Romania 13.07.2011 Green certificates for promoting electricity from renewable sources
State Aid SA.33567 Finland 29.04.2013 Production aid for electricity from renewable energy sources in Åland
State Aid SA.34221 Malta Investment Aid Scheme
State Aid SA.34453 Netherlands 06.11.2013 Environmental aid to Meppel Energie
State Aid SA.34947 United Kingdom 13.01.2015 Support to Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station
State Aid SA.35089 Denmark 22.07.2013 Supplement for electricity from new wind turbines
State Aid SA.36196 United Kingdom 23.07.2014 Contract for Difference for renewables in UK
State Aid SA.36204 Denmark 17.12.2014 Aid to photovoltaic installations and other renewable energy installations
State Aid SA.36499 Poland 16.06.2014 Prolongation of environmental and renewable investment aid schemes
State Aid SA.36511 France 27.03.2014 Support for EIU under the CSPE in France
State Aid SA.36517 Netherlands 08.08.2013 Aid for wind farms NOP Agrowind CV
State Aid SA.37030 Ireland 18.09.2013 Sale of State Assets
State Aid SA.37122 Denmark 17.12.2014 Aid to household wind turbines and offshore wind turbines with an experimental aspect
State Aid SA.37243 United Kingdom SPIRE project
State Aid SA.37246 Ireland SPIRE Project
State Aid SA.38406 Croatia 01.09.2015 Renewables support scheme in Croatia 2014-2015
State Aid SA.38454 Hungary 24.07.2017 Possible aid to the Paks nuclear power station
State Aid SA.38701 Czech Republic 15.12.2017 Promotion of electricity production from CHP and heat from renewable sources of energy


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