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State Aid

State Aid Cases


Policy Area Case Number Member
Decision Date
State Aid C11/2006 Italy 08.11.2006 Stranded costs for the municipalizzate
State Aid C11/2007 Italy 02.07.2008 Restructuring aid to Ottana Energia
State Aid C36/2008 Italy 02.12.2009 Sulcis power plant project
State Aid C43/2002 Luxembourg 28.01.2009 Fonds de compensation dans le cadre de l'organisation du marché de l'électricité
State Aid C46/2006 Sweden 23.08.2007 CO2 tax relief for EU ETS participants
State Aid C8/2009 Italy 15.09.2010 Fri-el Acerra s.r.l.
State Aid N1/2008 France 08.10.2008 Soutien de l'Agence de l'Innovation industrielle en faveur du Programme « H2E
State Aid N122/2007 France 22.05.2007 Prime à l’Aménagement du Territoire pour la Recherche, le Développement et l’Innovation (PAT « RDI »)
State Aid N130b/2007 Finland 30.11.2007 Prolongation of N469/2002: Aid for Chipping of Energy Wood
State Aid N143/2009 Cyprus 02.07.2009 Project Grant to encourage electricity generation from large commercial wind, solar, photovoltaic systems and the use of biomass
State Aid N147/2006 Denmark 03.01.2007 Exemption from Danish waste levy : incinerated manure fibre
State Aid N150/2010 Latvia 20.05.2010 Modification of scheme N 428/2008 - Development of Cogeneration Power Plants
State Aid N177/2007 Slovenia 16.08.2007 Tax allowance for research and development activities in Slovenia
State Aid N178/2010 Spain 29.09.2010 Preferential dispatch of indigenous coal plants
State Aid N179/2007 Italy 17.01.2008 Amendment to provincial law 6/99 - investment aid for cogeneration plants - Trento
State Aid N180/2009 Italy 04.11.2009 IT - LIP - En Plus Centrale Termoelettrica di San Severo (FG)
State Aid N183/2007 Spain 08.06.2007 Prolongation of scheme NN 112/2002 - Gas and electricity networks in Castille La-Manche
State Aid N184/2010 Latvia 18.08.2010 Amendment to scheme regarding the increase of efficiency of centralised heating systems
State Aid N187/2007 Sweden 16.05.2007 Modification of Regionally Differentiated Energy Tax for the Service Sector (N 593/2005)
State Aid N190/2009 Netherlands 26.05.2010 CO2 Catch-up pilot project at Nuon Buggenum plant
State Aid N207/2007 Italy 02.07.2007 Interventi per l'innovazione nei settori del commercio, del turismo, dei servizi e delle strutture industriali
State Aid N216/2008 Spain 05.08.2008 plan d'amélioration des infrastructures electriques dans la region de valence
State Aid N22/2009 United Kingdom 29.07.2009 The Renewables Obligation - Northern Ireland
State Aid N235/2006 Finland 25.08.2006 Investment aid to Mariehamns Bioenergi AB (biofuel plant)
State Aid N235/2009 Germany 07.08.2009 Modification of the scheme "aid for the use of renewable energies"
State Aid N259/2010 United Kingdom 22.07.2010 Amendment to the Renewables Obligation – Scotland (wave and tidal stream generation)
State Aid N271/2006 Denmark 22.12.2006 Tax Relief for Supply of Surplus Heating
State Aid N274/2008 France 25.02.2009 Solar Nano Crystal
State Aid N276/2010 Sweden 24.05.2011 $ - Aid for R&D project GoBiGas
State Aid N295/2008 Austria 24.03.2010 Investment aid to Mellach power plant
State Aid N31/2005 United Kingdom 07.06.2006 Talisman Energy - Renewable and Sustainable Energy
State Aid N317a/2006 Austria 04.07.2006 Ökostromgesetz - Renewables feed-in tariff
State Aid N317b/2006 Austria 04.07.2006 Ökostromgesetz - CHP support tariff
State Aid N335/2006 Germany 19.07.2006 Aid to CSG Solar
State Aid N354/2008 Denmark 10.03.2009 Supplement for electricity from new wind turbines
State Aid N354/2009 Slovenia 26.10.2009 Support for production of electricity from renewable energy sources and in co-generation installations
State Aid N356/2008 Denmark 01.04.2009 Supplement for electricity generated with bio gas
State Aid N359/2008 Denmark 01.04.2009 Supplement for electricity generated by incinerating biomass
State Aid N364/2009 Italy 10.11.2009 State aid for the creation of a cogeneration power plant and for the recovery and use of waste heat from industrial processes to be connected to a district heating network in the area of Aosta - Italy (Valle d'Aosta)
State Aid N381/2010 Netherlands 27.10.2010 $ - CCS project in Rotterdam harbour area
State Aid N384/2008 Slovakia 20.04.2009 Environmental aid to Dalkia Vrable a.s.
State Aid N391/2006 Denmark 09.11.2007 Tax Rate Reductions: Heat Produced in CHPs, Heat Produced by Electricity, and Process Heat
State Aid N394/2007 Denmark 13.03.2008 Non-appliance to windpower plants of lower depreciation rate
State Aid N405/2008 Poland 01.10.2009 Regional aid scheme for investments in energy, telecommunications infrastructure, R&D infrastructure and spa therapeutics
State Aid N419/2009 Malta 13.01.2010 Investments in electricity transmission and interconnector infrastructure
State Aid N426/2008 Latvia 11.02.2009 Scheme regarding the increase of efficiency of centralised heat supply systems
State Aid N428/2008 Latvia 11.02.2009 Development of Cogeneration Power Plants Utilising Renewable Energy Sources
State Aid N432/2006 Cyprus 22.12.2006 Support scheme for electricity production from biomass and landfill gas
State Aid N435/2008 Poland 05.08.2009 Regional aid scheme for a construction and reconstruction of the gas distribution network.
State Aid N437/2009 Romania 21.01.2010 Aid scheme for the promotion of co-generation.


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