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State Aid

State Aid Cases


Policy Area Case Number Member
Decision Date
State Aid C14/2004 Spain 21.12.2005 Spanish Coal - Plan for accessing coal reserves 2003-2005
State Aid C17/2003 Spain 30.03.2004 State aid to the coal sector in Castilla Leon, 2000 - 2002
State Aid C19/2003 Spain 05.11.2003 Coal - Gonzalez y Diez la révocation de la décision 2002/827/CECA et de sa substitution par une nouvelle décision
State Aid N104/2003 Spain 30.03.2004 Research and development aid, environmental aid and training aid to coalmining companies in Castilla and Leon
State Aid N168/2005 Slovakia 07.06.2005 Aide à l'industrie houlliere
State Aid N174/2005 Spain 25.01.2006 ASTURIES - Aides au charbon
State Aid N175/2010 Slovenia 29.06.2011 Postponement of the closure of mine Trbovlje Hrastnik Ltd
State Aid N178/2010 Spain 29.09.2010 Preferential dispatch of indigenous coal plants
State Aid N20/2003 United Kingdom 27.05.2003 Aid to UK Coal Selby Complex
State Aid N27/2005 Slovakia 16.03.2005 Aide à l'industrie houillière en 2004
State Aid N320/2004 Germany 22.06.2005 Restructuring plan of the German coal industry 2004
State Aid N321/2004 France 19.01.2005 State aid to the coal industry to cover the costo of closure for the year 2004
State Aid N324/2005 Slovakia 25.01.2006 Restructuring of coal industry
State Aid N347/2009 Slovakia 19.11.2009 Bana Dolina, a.s.
State Aid N387/2006 Slovakia 13.09.2006 HBP - Hornonitrianke bane Prievidza, a. s.
State Aid N419/2005 Slovakia 05.10.2005 Aide pour l'industrie houillère slovaque en 2005
State Aid N421/2003 France 21.01.2004 Aid to the French Coal Industry 2003
State Aid N493/2003 Germany 19.05.2004 State aid to the German Coal Industry 2004
State Aid N497/2004 Germany 19.01.2005 State aid to the coal industry for 2005
State Aid N53/2005 Slovakia 16.03.2005 State aid Coal Slovakia
State Aid N550/2002 Germany 02.10.2002 Aide à l'industrie houillère - 2002
State Aid N551/2002 France 02.10.2002 Aide à l'industrie houillère - 2002
State Aid N552/2005 Germany 19.07.2006 Aides à l'industrie houillère - Année 2006
State Aid N563/2008 Germany 17.06.2009 Aid for German hardcoal in 2009
State Aid N571/2004 Poland 05.10.2005 State aid to the Polish coal sector
State Aid N592/2009 Germany 18.12.2009 Financing the completion of the subsidized coal industry for the year 2018 (aid for 2010)
State Aid N597/2004 Czech Republic 20.07.2005 Lignit Hodonín, s.r.o.
State Aid N631/2007 Germany 26.11.2008 Aides au charbon pour l'année 2008
State Aid N653/2009 Poland 06.05.2010 Investment aid for hard coal mining sector
State Aid N684/2009 Spain 24.02.2010 Aide replacing free supply of coal
State Aid N708/2007 Germany 07.12.2011 Coal mine closure plan 2008-2018
State Aid N740/2002 United Kingdom 05.03.2003 UK Coal July-December 2002
State Aid N746/2002 Germany 07.05.2003 Restructuration houillère 2003
State Aid N747/2002 Germany 07.05.2003 Restructuration houillère 2002
State Aid N814/2002 United Kingdom 24.06.2003 UK Coal plan for accessing coal reserves 2003-2007
State Aid N92/2005 Hungary 22.06.2005 State aid to the coal industry
State Aid NN109/2002 Spain 19.02.2003 HUNOSA old social debts write-off
State Aid NN53/2005 Hungary 19.07.2006 State aid to Hungarian coal industry 2004 and 2005
State Aid NN85/2004 Germany 20.04.2005 German coal industry 2005 + NN aids 2001-2002
State Aid SA.14759 Czech Republic 20.10.2005 Liquidation of results of mining for years 2003-2007
State Aid SA.33013 Poland 07.12.2012 Coal plan for the period 2011 - 2015.
State Aid SA.33033 Romania 22.02.2012 National Hard Coal Company Petroşani (Romania)
State Aid SA.33766 Germany 07.12.2011 Finanzierung der Beendigung des subventionierten Steinkohlenbergbaus bis Ende 2018 (Steinkohlebeihilfen für 2011)
State Aid SA.39570 Czech Republic 12.02.2015 Closure of the Paskov mine (aid to cover exceptional costs)
State Aid SA.40773 United Kingdom 11.03.2015 Closure aid to Hatfield coal mine
State Aid SA.42800 Romania 13.11.2015 Prolongation of aid for exceptional costs for mine closure in Romania
State Aid XS25/2007 Italy Pacchetti Integrati di Agevolazione per le PMI operanti nel settore dell'industria, dell'artigianato e dei servizi - SARDEGNA
State Aid XS261/2007 Italy Programma di ricerca e sviluppo "Bando pubblico per la creazione di imprese spin off dalla ricerca"


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