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State Aid

State Aid Cases


Policy Area Case Number Member
Decision Date
State Aid C14/2004 Spain 21.12.2005 Spanish Coal - Plan for accessing coal reserves 2003-2005
State Aid C17/2003 Spain 30.03.2004 State aid to the coal sector in Castilla Leon, 2000 - 2002
State Aid C19/2003 Spain 05.11.2003 Coal - Gonzalez y Diez la révocation de la décision 2002/827/CECA et de sa substitution par une nouvelle décision
State Aid N104/2003 Spain 30.03.2004 Research and development aid, environmental aid and training aid to coalmining companies in Castilla and Leon
State Aid N168/2005 Slovakia 07.06.2005 Aide à l'industrie houlliere
State Aid N174/2005 Spain 25.01.2006 ASTURIES - Aides au charbon
State Aid N175/2010 Slovenia 29.06.2011 Postponement of the closure of mine Trbovlje Hrastnik Ltd
State Aid N178/2010 Spain 29.09.2010 Preferential dispatch of indigenous coal plants
State Aid N20/2003 United Kingdom 27.05.2003 Aid to UK Coal Selby Complex
State Aid N27/2005 Slovakia 16.03.2005 Aide à l'industrie houillière en 2004
State Aid N320/2004 Germany 22.06.2005 Restructuring plan of the German coal industry 2004
State Aid N321/2004 France 19.01.2005 State aid to the coal industry to cover the costo of closure for the year 2004
State Aid N324/2005 Slovakia 25.01.2006 Restructuring of coal industry
State Aid N347/2009 Slovakia 19.11.2009 Bana Dolina, a.s.
State Aid N387/2006 Slovakia 13.09.2006 HBP - Hornonitrianke bane Prievidza, a. s.
State Aid N419/2005 Slovakia 05.10.2005 Aide pour l'industrie houillère slovaque en 2005
State Aid N421/2003 France 21.01.2004 Aid to the French Coal Industry 2003
State Aid N493/2003 Germany 19.05.2004 State aid to the German Coal Industry 2004
State Aid N497/2004 Germany 19.01.2005 State aid to the coal industry for 2005
State Aid N500/2008 Slovakia 24.03.2009 Aid to Bana Cary a.s. (lignite mining)
State Aid N53/2005 Slovakia 16.03.2005 State aid Coal Slovakia
State Aid N550/2002 Germany 02.10.2002 Aide à l'industrie houillère - 2002
State Aid N551/2002 France 02.10.2002 Aide à l'industrie houillère - 2002
State Aid N552/2005 Germany 19.07.2006 Aides à l'industrie houillère - Année 2006
State Aid N563/2008 Germany 17.06.2009 Aid for German hardcoal in 2009
State Aid N571/2004 Poland 05.10.2005 State aid to the Polish coal sector
State Aid N592/2009 Germany 18.12.2009 Financing the completion of the subsidized coal industry for the year 2018 (aid for 2010)
State Aid N597/2004 Czech Republic 20.07.2005 Lignit Hodonín, s.r.o.
State Aid N631/2007 Germany 26.11.2008 Aides au charbon pour l'année 2008
State Aid N653/2009 Poland 06.05.2010 Investment aid for hard coal mining sector


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