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State Aid

State Aid Cases


Policy Area Case Number Member
Decision Date
State Aid C4/2008 Netherlands 21.10.2008 Investment in Ahoy' by the Municipality of Rotterdam
State Aid C44/2002 Luxembourg 05.06.2002 Navigation touristique sur la Moselle
State Aid C47/2006 France 11.12.2007 Crédit d'impôt pour la création de jeux vidéo - FR
State Aid N132/2007 Spain 13.06.2007 Promotion of Basque language in the media
State Aid N161/2008 Spain 16.07.2008 Aid to the Basque language - Basque Country (Spain)
State Aid N164/2010 Germany 24.08.2010 Leipziger Reit- und Rennverein Scheibenholz
State Aid N202/2008 Hungary 12.09.2008 Filmszakmai támogatási program / Hungarian film support scheme
State Aid N233/2008 Latvia 16.07.2008 Support for film projects and film culture projects in Latvia
State Aid N276/2007 Hungary 18.07.2007 Aid measures with a cultural objective under the Regional Development Operational Programmes.
State Aid N291/2007 Netherlands 10.07.2007 New regulations for the support of feature films in the Netherlands
State Aid N293/2008 Hungary 26.11.2008 Cultural Aid for multifunctional community cultural centres, museums, public libraries and complementary higher education centres
State Aid N340/2007 Spain 18.07.2007 Aid for theatre, dance, music and audiovisual activities in the Basque country
State Aid N46/2008 Spain 05.08.2008 Aid to the Galician audiovisual production
State Aid N497/2006 Czech Republic 20.12.2006 Prerov Municipal Hall
State Aid N549/2006 Italy 13.06.2007 MSF-2002-IT Atlantica Invest AG
State Aid N572/2008 Italy 08.04.2009 Cableways Trento 2008 - IT
State Aid N593/2006 United Kingdom 21.02.2007 Northern Ireland Screen Fund (the "Screen Fund")
State Aid N605/2007 Malta 28.11.2007 Financial Incentives for the Audiovisual Industry Regulations
State Aid N622/2008 Spain 24.02.2010 Aid to compensate for the damages caused by the fire to Palmitos Park
State Aid N72/2008 Spain 02.07.2008 Public support scheme to films by the community of Madrid
State Aid N731/2007 Italy 27.02.2008 Aid to cableways in small ski resorts - Veneto, Italy'
State Aid N751/2007 Ireland 19.03.2008 Mid-Shannon Corridor Tourism Infrastructure Scheme
State Aid N778/2007 Spain 22.02.2008 State aid to "supramunicipal" cultural activities - Basque Country (Spain)
State Aid NN43/2007 Czech Republic 30.04.2008 Compensation for loss and damage on objects provided to large public exhibitions
State Aid SA.23514 Hungary 30.01.2008 Appropriations of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the National Cultural Fund
State Aid SA.23898 Hungary Regionális beruházási támogatás a Regionális Fejlesztés Operatív Programokból
State Aid SA.29769 Spain 04.07.2016 Aid to certain Spanish football clubs
State Aid SA.31550 Germany 13.04.2015 Nürburgring
State Aid SA.31722 Hungary 09.11.2011 Sport infrastructure development scheme
State Aid SA.32043 Cyprus Σχέδιο κινήτρων για επενδύσεις αειφόρου εμπλουτισμού και αναβάθμισης του τουριστικού προϊόντος (2η προκήρυξη)


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